Editorial: Dark clouds on Virginia’s economic horizon

Editorial: Dark clouds on Virginia’s economic horizon

The editorial board reports that Virginia is spending more than it’s making and then tries to link this bad economic policy to the mainstream media’s recent predictions of a recession. Never mind the fact that Virginia’s revenues grew by 3.5% last year; the nation’s, by 2% last quarter.

Instead of asking a question, I’ll just answer it: Yes, they really are that stupid.

13 thoughts on “Editorial: Dark clouds on Virginia’s economic horizon

  1. Note that the article is not about Virginian’s economic well being, it is about Virginia’s income and spending. Not the people, the State.

    Further, the problem isn’t declining tax income, it is that spending is increasing faster.

    When Virginians face that problem, they rein in spending. Virginia should do the same.

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      1. Well, of course the Pilot, as an propaganda organ of the Democratic Party, is going to predict gloom and doom in the economy.

        People feel a need for big government when they are frightened. That’s why the economy is downplayed when the GOP is in power and why we suddenly have a ‘Climate Crisis’ in spite of all real evidence pointing to a benign warming.

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  2. The editorial demonstrates yet again The Pilot’s economic illiteracy.

    The editors write, “A slowdown could see state government further abdicate its responsibility to pay for things that provide broad public benefit to the whole of the commonwealth.”

    The state, however, has no such responsibility since, technically, all of its expenses are voluntary.

    That public education is the biggest line item in the state budget is unfortunate. There are strong economic arguments to be made against public funding of education. The very same arguments explain why the cost of public education tends to grow at a faster rate than the general economy.

    Here, specifically, the state has no obligation to persist in supporting a bad economic model. You would think, in fact, it has an obligation to stop doing so.

    The Pilot, however, is selling the notion that Virginia has a responsibility to operate as a socialist government. Nothing could be further from the truth.


      1. RE: “What does the Commonwealth’s constitution say about public funding?”

        Good question. You could do more than ask, if you think it’s important. You could look it up and tell us.


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