Why Ukraine is Winning.


War is not just about the battling armies. It is about the countries at war. The experts who have predicted an inevitable Russian victory have not taken account of very real differences between Ukraine and Russia.

“By focusing on military hardware, experts often miss the “software” of war: the quality of leadership, morale and motivation, decision-making and governance and the engagement of society.”

Jim Jones Redux?


Does being in a cult mean that you must be suicidal? Of course, this is a hyperbolic question but the fact is that the pernicious effects of Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic lingers on where the support for his reign is strongest. Imagine the difference had Dear Leader NOT minimized the threat and had used his bully pulpit to encourage mask wearing, social distancing and, yes, fear of the virus.

A Covid-19 Death Discrepancy that Raises Questions

At this link, CDC reports 64,282 Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. (as of May 2, 2020).

At this link, CDC reports 37,308 Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. (as of May 1, 2020).

I see the caveats at the second link explaining the “provisional data,” but c’mon. Such a big difference (nearly 27,000 deaths) makes the caveats seem ludicrous. At a minimum we should question why media consistently report the higher number and not the lower one. After all, if Covid-19 deaths are half what we imagine them to be, wouldn’t that affect our approach to public policy?

No need for a vote on witnesses and documents

Yeah, I know. It’s beyond the reach of some here. However here are couple of key pints form the article:

The Senate rules for impeachment date back to 1868 and have been in effect since that time. They specifically provide for the subpoenas of witnesses, going so far in Rule XXIV as to outline the specific language a subpoena must use — the “form of subpoena to be issued on the application of the managers of the impeachment, or of the party impeached, or of his counsel.”

As you can see, there is no “Senate vote” requirement whatsoever in the subpoena rule. A manager can seek it on his own.”

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