The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Source: Vanity Fair.

This article is receiving much attention in the places I haunt on the Internet. Its main revelation is that U.S. government officials had strong incentives and took coordinated action early on to suppress the lab-leak hypothesis as an explanation for Covid-19’s origins. In effect the government created and promoted a false narrative of natural origins for over a year.

It is probably going overboard to accuse the government of lying to the people, but it is not going overboard to say that the people were intentionally misled. This, in turn, justifies speculation that the lab-leak hypothesis itself may be a ruse.

Time will tell, of course. Be skeptical of everything you read or hear on this topic.

6 thoughts on “The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

  1. Lab leak or not, intent would be important as it would in any criminal case.

    Lying about a leak from the Wuhan lab is probably to save embarrassment, or more likely, to avoid an appearance of weakness in a totalitarian regime like China.

    In a cold and calculating mindset, one could hypothesize that medical science has weakened humans. From birth defects to bacterial and viral infections, we can save lives through science, but the genetic strength to survive has been neutralized.

    Zoonotic diseases are not new and they are often quite deadly until herd immunity through the survivors takes the reins.
    Vaccines reduce the death toll, but not necessarily the genetic qualities that some folks had to naturally survive an infection.

    I doubt China would purposely try to infect, kill and destroy their markets, so that leaves human error if the lab is the source.

    Of course this is all speculation from a retired photographer, so I suggest we focus on determining origins and see what develops and hope for positives rather than negatives. 😇

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  2. Any theory to explain why the government controlled by Donald Trump would have “created and promoted a false narrative of natural origins for over a year?” Was Trump in on this conspiracy or simply incompetent?

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      1. “You conveniently have a very short memory don’t you?”

        You conveniently have a very limited intellect, don’t you?

        Since Trump WAS blaming “Chy-na” he would have ZERO motive to participate in the conspiracy alleged – a conpsiracy to cover-up the supposed man-made origins of the virus. So the question stands and you have not answered it. You just got egg on your face. Again.


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