Maricopa could spend millions on new voting machines after the “audit”.

Republican election officials can’t trust the “auditors” from damaging or rigging machines since they lost custody of both the machines and ballots. In my opinion they should send all the bills to #45.

19 thoughts on “Maricopa could spend millions on new voting machines after the “audit”.

  1. Oh boy, even more baseless speculation. So I ask the Democrat SoS how does she know the machines weren’t damaged or rigged in the first place before being handed over?


    1. You do realize the person in question who said the machines need to be replaced is a REPUBLICAN? Probably not, but your opportunity to attempt to “own the libs” could not be passed up.

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      1. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is a Democrat.

        In any case, if the machines aren’t capable of a diagnostic check and reformatting, they should not be used in an election anyway. What are they, state of the art 1980?

        Optical tabulating of paper ballots is far safer and more verifiable. Electronic machines lacking a real time paper trail should not be used.


        1. All that is a done deal. The point being that there is little or no oversight protecting the integrity of the “audit” except by “ninja boys” as his Keystone Kops crew.

          And if the Republicans balked early on and now, it is really a matter of possible, or probable, election results tampering by the “enemy of the people”. You know, the party that aided and abetted the rabid attack on our government because of ignorance at best and sedition at worst.

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          1. Is there a point in there?

            If the machines can be permanently altered in a manner that cannot be detected and corrected, they never should have been used in the first place.


          2. Yes, there is a point. For the more literal of us, once machines are turned over to some fly by night company specializing in tech hacking but no experience in election procedures there is a problem. Even honest Republicans are very concerned.

            Remember, the last administration was hacked for over a year with Russian intelligence firmly entrenched in the highest levels of our own government.

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        2. “Electronic machines lacking a real time paper trail should not be used.”

          One of the requirements in HR 1 included the need for a paper trail for auditing purposes. Yet the GOP won’t even negotiate on it; they just follow Nancy Reagan’s advice.

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          1. There might be one or two lines of HR1 that are good, but overall, HR1 is a unconstitutional seizure of state elections by the Federal government.


          2. …”HR1 is a unconstitutional seizure of state elections by the Federal government.”

            Over stated hyperbole. Guidelines for states to run free and fair and TRANSPARENT elections that allow eligible citizens to freely exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL right to vote is NOT a seizure of state elections by the Fed. You use the fear mongering ideas to overlook the basis and actuality of what HR1 is actually trying to accomplish.

            And if there are some good things in it, why don’t Republicans attempt to negotiate instead of saying “Oh hell no!”?

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        3. “Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is a Democrat.”

          Fair enough. But there have been numerous GOP election officials voicing their concerns over the entire operation. And they will all be out of jobs come Summer ONLY because they will not toe the line for T****ists legislators in the State Senate. Job performance failure is not required to lose your position or to have powers removed because one refuses to believe or pay credence to the BIG LIE.


  2. As I recall, the Ninja company was going to check for bamboo fibers in ballot paper, no at all unusual in any paper, to prove that 3 million pre-printed ballots were flown in from Korea at night. Then off loaded onto 3000 Toyota pickup trucks driven by Mongolian bodyguards on Election Day dumping sacks of ballots at each polling station under the guise of delivery napkins for the pizza orders flown in from DC with children as appetizers.

    True story. Ask any Trump fan.

    Sigh, the Republican Party is a joke poorly delivered.

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    1. You left out the ballots that were allegedly eaten by chickens and then the chickens were incinerated. And the T**** watermark that HE allegedly had added to HIS ballots.

      Sigh is right.


  3. If they could tamper with Ms. Pacman in such a way that it could not be discovered by the engineers that built it, then what chance does a voting machine stand?

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