Now, this is what the Logan Act is about

Kerry advises Iran to ‘wait out’ Trump administrations

John Kerry, and others serving in the Biden administration, met with Iranian officials during the Trump administration and advised them to not make a new deal with Trump and to instead wait out the Trump administration to get a better deal.

That is the kind of undermining of foreign policy the Logan Act was passed to address.

At the least, this should be the end of any kind of official position of Trust for Kerry and if it is determined that Biden or Harris had any knowledge of the meetings, impeachment proceedings should begin.

Sabotaging of the official diplomatic process for political gain is treason.

34 thoughts on “Now, this is what the Logan Act is about

  1. Treason?

    And so it begins. More disloyal opposition and laughable bullshit from a bunch of sore losers.

    And this bullshit spread by someone who dismisses actual treason – making war on the United States – as “trespassing.” If I wanted to make someone look ridiculous I could not make up anything better.

    And, gosh, could it be that this slander is aimed at Kerry because of his role in our country’s fight to save the environment of Planet Earth? Let me check my Magic Eightball . . . “Signs point to yes.”

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    1. Yes, treason. Aid and comfort to an enemy.

      Iran is a hostile regime, and Kerry undermined our diplomacy by promising a better deal if Iran did not make peace with Trump’s administration and he did so while we were putting pressure on Iran to stop it’s progress toward making nuclear weapons material.




      1. “TREASON”

        Shouting bullshit does not turn it into something else. It is still bullshit and the silly hypocrites who shout it only make themselves look foolish.

        Iran is not an “enemy” in the sense written in the Constitution. ANY “originalist” would tell you that. And advising Iran to forego renewing nuclear weapons development is the opposite of making war on the United States and is not providing them with “aid and comfort.” Duh!

        Funny, you were not so big on the Logan Act, cries of TREASON or Impeachment when General Flynn was caught lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russians. Just another way – besides your downplaying of the TREASON at the Capitol – that your slanders are ridiculous.

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        1. Flynn opened discussions with Russian counterparts during the transition period, on a get acquainted basis, not to undermine ongoing policy discussions.

          It is true that we have no declaration of war with Iran, but Iran remains the #1 sponsor of terrorism. And promising a better deal if they don’t negotiate with the current administration is definitely providing comfort.


          1. Palpable hypocrisy. WHY were Trump operatives meeting with representatives of the Russia government to discuss sanctions long before the election? And, in transition or not, Flynn had no legal authority to negotiate removal of sanctions with the Russians. He knew that which is why he lied to the FBI about it. Obviously.

            Private citizen Kerry broke no laws when he met with Iranian leaders nor when he offered his private citizen opinions about the political realities in the United States. Americans with international stature meet with foreign leaders all the time. And, in this case, advising them to not escalate the conflict by renewing nuclear weapons development was very much in our interests. You can pretend that Trump’s deliberate, stupid and immoral attempt to provoke Iran into a “splendid little war” was a serious attempt at a peace agreement all you want. It was not. And, thank God, with counsel of actual statesmen – like Kerry – they did not fall for it.

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      1. Note that he denies that he violated the Logan act but he does not deny he had the talks or that the subject was waiting out the Trump administration instead of capitulating.

        He can say it’s not a violation all he wants, it was, and maybe worse.


        1. Capitulating? There was zero chance of Trump’s provocations of Iran leading to their “capitulating.” Unwinnable war? Quite possibly but capitulation? No way. He may have had great success bullying and squeezing Mom and Pop contractors who foolishly took him at his word, but if you really think his conduct would lead to any kind of capitulation you are a bigger fool than he is.

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        2. T**** STILL says he won the election. he was saying it before the first ballot was cast.

          He can say it all he wants, but then it leads to things like 1/6.

          Yeah, no problem there.


          1. Your record of deflection far outweighs anyone here. Except maybe JTR.

            You want so badly for things to go wrong in this country you go out of your way to find little BS things to push it.


          2. I am making the point that YOU are desperate. Call it ad hominem, ,call it deflection. Coming from you it means little.

            You have never been able to come to grips with your own hypocrisy so you try to deflect and self defend randomly.

            And if pointing out that my opinion about you wanting so badly for Biden to fail when that was the majority of the T**** years, hurts your feelings. I really couldn’t care less.

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  2. RE: “At the least, this should be the end of any kind of official position of Trust for Kerry and if it is determined that Biden or Harris had any knowledge of the meetings, impeachment proceedings should begin.”

    Sounds reasonable to me, now that impeachment has become a common tactic of political competition. What could it hurt?


    1. The point is, of course, to illustrate that it matters whose ox is being gored. For 4 years we have heard Trump and Flynn accused of treason, yet what Kerry did, sabotaging the foreign policy of the duly elected administration, is far closer to treason than anything anyone else has done in our lifetimes. A clear violation of the Logan act at the least.

      At the very least, everyone who knew of these talks belongs in prison.

      Promising a better deal if the Democrats came to power was an implicit invitation for Iran to do what it could to harm Trump’s reelection effort and could have easily led to acts of terror or an attempt to draw us into war.

      How much of what Iran’s proxies did in Iraq and Afghanistan was a result of this effort? How many died as a result?

      But Democrats and the press will just stay quiet and wait for this to blow over. They will excuse any criminal act by members of their tribe.


      1. “They will excuse any criminal act by members of their tribe.”

        Are you really so clueless that you do not understand how laughable such a statement is coming from a dedicated Trump apologist and someone who referred to violent insurrection as “trespassing?” Obviously, the answer is . . . Yes. You are indeed that clueless.

        The Logan Act? People belong in prison? Hmmm? “Lock them up!” Again? LOL! How many people have been convicted of crimes under the Logan Act in its 220 year history? That would be none. How many people have been prosecuted under this act? That too would be none. It is an unenforceable and unconstitutional bit of ancient history.

        And, speaking of ancient history . . . “. . wait for this to blow over?” Uh, this HAS blown over. The sad little running dogs for Trump and Fox News are trying to revive a long dead bit of Trumpian nonsense. Smears is really all you have to offer. Not a question. A statement of fact.

        What is particularly STUPID and OFFENSIVE about what you have to say is the accusation that Kerry’s attempts to maintain the peace and protect us from nuclear weapons cost lives. And this while defending Trump who did his level best to provoke a war with Iran including reimposing crippling sanctions, flying B-52s right up to their border, murdering a senior leader of their military, and, in one last attempt to provoke them, assassination of a leading nuclear scientist. “Stupid and offensive” is too kind for such drivel.

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        1. Whether you or Kerry agree with Trump’s Iran policy is irrelevant. Neither you nor he was elected President r authorized to conduct foreign policy.

          Even if your policy were better, it is still a crime to pursue it in conflict with the nation’s duly elected officials.


          1. Baloney.
            A private citizen of the United States can talk to anybody about anything he wants. That is a fundamental Constitutional principle which is why the Logan Act has NEVER been enforced.

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          2. It’s always fun to watch how far down the rabbit hole ya’ll will go to defend one of your tribe no matter how terrible a thing they have done.

            Kerry gave Iran incentives to keep the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan going to help the Democrats win in return for promises of a better deal.


          3. “It’s always fun to watch how far down the rabbit hole . . . ”

            What you call going down a “rabbit hole” I call a simple statement of fact. Kerry broke no law. You have absolutely have no idea of anything he said to anybody but that does not stop you from raving about TREASON and the need for people to go to jail.

            And one has to wonder, why now? Why such ravings out of the blue years after the supposed TREASON? The Fox News hit job you linked to is more than two years old. Maybe my first guess was right on. You do not like the environmental policy that Joe Biden got a mandate from the electorate to pursue so you feel any kind of bullshit lies are justified to undermine it. No one buys your cherry-picked and distorted “science” arguments so you fall back on all you really have – name-calling, lies and smears. And what better target than John Kerry for your slanders – the murderer of innocent teenaged Vietnamese boy scouts, undeserving Purple Heart recipient and windsurfer.

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      2. “ Iran to do what it could to harm Trump’s reelection effort and could have easily led to acts of terror or an attempt to draw us into war.”

        First of all, none of that happened.

        Iran has sped up their nuclear program because Trump reneged on the nuclear deal.

        And we were bombing children and their parents in Yemen via the Saudis. No doubt a goading of Iran to go to war with us. And because Trump loved the Saudis because they lavished kisses on his butt. And probably a hotel deal in Riyadh.

        What did happen was that we ignored domestic right wing terrorism which, of course, reared its ugly head with attacks escalating over the Trump term. And then he enjoined the gangs to effect a nullified election through violence after repeatedly abusing the legal system.

        McConnell finally called out the ex-president after the Senate vote.

        There is your treason and your crimes against humanity all rolled into one big, fat package.

        And Kerry probably kept us out of war with Iran.


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        1. Even if Kerry was right on policy(and I disagree) he was not authorized to offer Iran a better deal if they waited Trump out.

          Undermining the lawful diplomatic powers of the Executive Branch is unlawful, unethical and stupid.

          Would you be so approving if Trump was traveling the world undercutting Biden?


          1. You got one thing right . . .
            “Kerry . . . . was not authorized to offer Iran a better deal if they waited Trump out.”

            He was not authorized to do anything and the Iranians knew that just as well as you do. He was a private citizen holding no office of any kind. Whatever advice he had for them he was entirely within his rights to share. And you have absolutely no way of knowing what he said to them. None. What some rightwing jackass images he MIGHT have said is not evidence.

            Trump undercutting Biden? Here is a heads up – there is not a world leader anywhere stupid enough to believe anything that Trump might have to say.

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          2. Trump tried to undercut our own country. And is going to try again.

            I am much more concerned about that than whether Kerry kept us out of war as a civilian.

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          3. “To Hell with the Constitution?”

            You mean the First Amendment?

            What part of “not authorized” do you not get. At the time in question, Kerry was a private citizen who could not make any sort of deal with anybody that had any weight. He could only offer advice. We do not even know that he did that, but if he did it would have been “Don’t let this Jackass Trump provoke you into a war.” If that was it, it was good advice and thankfully it was followed.

            It is worth remembering that when a group of Senators tried to sabotage President Obama’s negotiations with Iran you seemed not to be so concerned about the Constitution then? Laughable hypocrisy. Again.

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  3. “Sabotaging of the official diplomatic process for political gain is treason.”

    “But I’d like you to do us a favor though”…

    Right. Treason when done by a Democrat, but it’s “just politics” when T**** did the same kind of thing as a sitting president.

    Call it whatever you want. You know the song.


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      1. Asking for help in a DOMESTIC political situation is NOT a legitimate negotiation. It is asking for a political favor in a quid pro quo

        Yet you still believe that it was perfectly legal to do so.

        Accusing others of being tribal while being tribal yourself? Yeah, you know the word.

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