Proud Boys pitch Trump as their leader. Who knew?😇

So many have turned on Trump after he “caved” and let his gangs twist in the wind. Some really upset that the slew of pardons did not include them. The “rabbit hole” just burped.

4 thoughts on “Proud Boys pitch Trump as their leader. Who knew?😇

  1. One of my “favorites” was the Q-post about remembering all the good times and friends we have made.

    Was it a sign off or the “code” for MGT to file her bogus impeachment articles against Biden?


    1. When are you going to stop supporting the most corrupt, inadequate circus clown of a POTUS this nation has ever seen?

      And it is really more a commentary on the Proud Boys, et. al. and their quick-to-turn on those who they thought would give them what they wanted: An authoritarian leader bent on self-promotion alone.

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    2. I recall you saying the PB’s were patriots who loved western civilization and capitalism.

      Still think so?

      Or do you accept that they and their associate gangs are extremist terrorist gangs that tried to take out Congress? Beating to death a Capitol policeman and trying to beat do death dozens more. All because Trump told them to “stand by” and then attack the Capitol.

      My point is that we are learning how destructive Trump was. The handful of regulatory changes and stock buybacks were not enough to sugar coat a monster.

      Trump’s niece was a red light warning and she called it perfectly.

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