Sorry, GOP. That Ship Has Sailed

It took over four years for Senators to realize they had sold their political souls to the devil. No one reigned him in. Sorry, Sen. Collins, he did NOT learn his lesson.

The 7 Senators who stood against the will of the voters in OTHER people’s states won’t have to pay a price. But, By G-d, they should.

6 thoughts on “Sorry, GOP. That Ship Has Sailed

  1. In countries that have gone through a violent overthrow, successful or not, it is a matter of insufferable conditions, police abuse, torture, arrests for religious reasons, mass poverty, oligarchical governance, corruption, political oppression including show trials…

    What is the grievance here? How were these insurrectionists suffering such physical or economic abuse to warrant bloodshed?

    Could they not worship in peace? Could they not have jobs that paid decent wages and with worker protections? Could they not own powerful weapons? No trials with juries? No habeas corpus? Forced labor?
    Torture sufferers? Low taxes by many standards not good enough?

    What was the grievance so onerous that people had to die, property destroyed and most importantly our government overthrown?

    I hope it is more than just dissatisfaction with an election that did not go as desired. Republicans did well by any measure. So what is the beef?

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    1. “How were these insurrectionists suffering such physical or economic abuse to warrant bloodshed“

      Real “suffering” to many of these yahoos entails their cable going out for 30 minutes.

      This is about fundamental resistance to change to the changes of an evolving society that may not put them at the head of the line.

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      1. I agree. I was trying to put into perspective that there are grievances and there are GRIEVANCES.

        My favorite Chinese saying regarding politics is:

        When there is food, there are a lot of problems. When there is no food, there is only one problem.

        Where were these grievance specialists when the economy collapsed in 2008?

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          1. And Trump fans are now saying that they had no idea such violence would take place because of the president. “Our people are so peaceful.”

            “I told you so.”

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