Joe Who? Kamala Who? Donald Who? Don’t Know, Don’t Care.

Today and Tomorrow at my digs, it will ONLY be about guys called Tiger, D. J., Justin, Abraham, Jon and ALL the others hacking their way through Amen Corner and the rest of Augusta National.

There was zero ‘Morning Joe’ for me today. I was in my jammies in front of the TV (before THE MR. got up) watching the finale of YESTERDAY’S round. It should never rain on that course on Masters week. Just my opinion.

I miss the azaleas, the dogwoods and the jasmine, but at least Tiger gets to contend and D.J. gets to show that swagger. Yeah, I DO love that swagger, and for all the wrong reasons. TMI? Oops. Sorry.


10 thoughts on “Joe Who? Kamala Who? Donald Who? Don’t Know, Don’t Care.

  1. I understand.

    For me the world has a much better perspective on the Northwest River trying to figure out what the crappie are up to today.

    I helps to step back from the politics and remember what really matters in the moment.

    I don’t have to overthrow the government for another 2 months anyway. 🙂

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  2. I am torn. I am playing tomorrow and won’t be home until 2. Of course that still give me a few hours of “Sunday on the back nine at Augusta”. That has probably given us the most dramatic finishes in golf over the years.

    Decades ago, a golfing buddy and I used to go to Kingsmill to watch the pros most of the morning, then tee it up at Williamsburg CC for a great afternoon of golf.

    The beauty of the game is that I can both watch it and play it. Hard to do that with football at a certain age.

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    1. So, how did it go? Did you get to watch the last couple hours?
      I have to say I can’t recall so very many great shots by so many players. Having said that, I can’t recall seeing so many putts missing by inches.

      THE MR. texted me to let me know he had a hole-in-one. I replied that, “I wish I seen that INSTEAD of watching Tiger card a 10 on #12. Yep, that’s right, 10 on the par 3. Even I haven’t done that.”

      His response? “So I beat him by 9?” Ha.

      While I would have gave away a grandchild to see Tiger win this Masters, too – I was thrilled with Dustin’s win.

      I’ve dreamed of DJ making me cry, but it never went down quite like yesterday. Smile.

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      1. By the time I turned on the tube, Dustin was lining up his putt on 18. Saw interviews, clips, wardrobe fittings and tears. Glad I missed Tiger tanking 12.

        I hate to say this, but I think Tiger is heading towards elder statesman status. His back need 4 days of TLC but a golf swing that still delivers 300 yard drives is not compatible with that.

        Not saying he won’t win again, but the competition is mighty tough among the big hitters. And now we know that Johnson can chip and putt like the best of the best, he will be a big obstacle.


        PS: My game was so so. Course was soggy, the wind fierce, rough thick, leaves blowing all over including greens. Like sex, most golf is good but some rounds are better than others. 😇

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  3. By January 15, Trump will take a golf break at Mar-a-Lago from which he won’t return to DC. After Biden is sworn in, he will apply for a 501(c) exemption for the “American Government in Exile” and begin collecting what he has always wanted — money.

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    1. It’s really hard to imagine that after 4 years you still don’t get Trump better.

      He already has all the money he or his children could ever need. Money, in itself, means very little to Trump. or any other successful person.

      What they seek is winning, and money is how you keep score.


      1. “ What they seek is winning, and money is how you keep score.”

        True in many cases when egos are big.

        But why would a billionaire steal from his own charity? Or stiff vendors? Or need bailouts?

        That is more than winning. That is stealing.

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      2. I think it is more about power and less about money.

        He is going to lock out any viable GOP candidate in 2024. Unless he gets convicted in NY state on felony tax evasion charges. Then he would be ineligible to run. But he will hand pick his choice. -IMO.

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