The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

Source: American Thinker.

“From a legal perspective, Biden is an impostor, a false president, at least until December 14 of this year. If Biden can declare himself President-elect without any legal basis, then any other American citizen can also declare himself President-elect.”

“Imposter” is unnecessarily loaded language, but the truth of the basic observation is indisputable. There is no President-elect at this time.

If we had an objective media, one devoted to truth-telling, they would say so, but we don’t have an objective media. Instead, we have a mainstream press that is almost universally referring to Joe Biden as the President-elect, despite the fact he is not. More than that we have social media actively censoring people who seek to dispute the apparent outcome of the election.

An interesting example of the censorship appears in the President’s own Twitter feed. Trump tweeted that he won the election. Twitter added a disclaimer to the tweet, “! Official sources called this election differently.” But when you click on the disclaimer to see who the “official sources” might be, you learn they are “The Associated Press, NBC News and other news outlets.” In other words, they are not “official sources” at all.

Media is promoting a Big Lie. The question is, Why?

It is perfectly normal for election results to be disputed. It is so normal, in fact, that procedures exist in every state, and in the Constitution, for resolving electoral disputes.

It is not normal for media to treat its own projections as “official” (as above) or to engage in active deception with respect to the status of political races or their final outcomes, as Tucker Carlson documents here:

At a time like this I wish I could read minds. I would like to know why it is so important to so many to pretend that Joe Biden is the President-elect when, factually speaking, it just isn’t true. It may become true a month from now. Why the push to assume it is true already?

6 thoughts on “The Founders Outsmarted the Presidential Election Fraudsters

  1. Today’s Pilot is the worst I have seen. Nothing the public can use to understand what’s going on.

    Here an expert explains the fallacy of “computer glitches.” Our computers never move numbers around. But the nation has been led to believe that much bigger and more expensive computers do that all the time. This is the sort of lie that Orwell would love.


  2. Perhaps from a technical standpoint, Biden is not really the verified president-elect. That will be after the electors cast their ballots.

    But on the other hand, was Trump declaring that he won long before most of the votes were counted any better?

    At least Biden waited until the states announced results. Results that were large enough to withstand recounts and challenges. Now, admittedly, AP, FOX and others made projected calls, but they were based on counts as they became available.

    Unfortunately the president is still calling the election a fraud. And he still has not prevailed on any challenges.

    In my opinion, the challenges are frivolous, but apparently within his rights. A better man might have said that he is waiting for his cases to determine if there were any problems.

    Accusing thousands of workers, volunteers, election boards, Secretaries of State and others who work long, hard hours to give us a fair, open and believable election of perpetrating a fraud is nothing more than petulance. Never mind the damage it does to a cornerstone of our government and its relationship to its citizens.

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    1. RE: “At least Biden waited until the states announced results.”

      No, he didn’t. And that’s part of why I am mystified. Not a single state has certified its tally. At the first debate, Biden even said he would wait for state certifications before declaring victory. In practice, he didn’t.

      Media is the target of my criticism. I find it extraordinary that simple adherence to the rule of law and mere logic are so thoroughly abandoned.


      1. RE: “At least Biden waited until the states announced results.”

        “No, he didn’t.”

        Yes, he did. Who do you think announces the state of play in the vote counting? That would be the states and other official sources. The media just adds those announcements up and reports. Just like they have done every election for over a century. President-Elect Biden did not claim victory until it was clear from the announced tallies that he had won. And with Trump lying to his supporters and “claiming” states he had lost, it was important to assert the truth sooner rather than later. The poor little dears are confused enough as it is.

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  3. “But on the other hand, was Trump declaring that he won long before most of the votes were counted any better?”

    Yes, of course he was. He was trying to make that argument for months before anyone even arrived at their precincts on Nov 3.

    How ELSE would anyone take what he was saying?

    At every chance with a mic in front of him, he was saying:

    ‘The only way they [Biden & Democrats] can win is if they cheat and steal the election from us.’

    That is his ignorant code for ‘We have won! Already!’

    Americans, young and old, worrying about waiting in long lines with a life-threatening virus rampaging country wide, did the smart things. They went to Registrars offices and satellite precincts and cast millions of absentee ballots. Not a one of us will accept this crazy man and his cult taking our win away from us!

    Trump is dishonest and isn’t man enough to lose like real president material would.

    He will not take Biden’s legitimate win away. And, it matters not what crap Trump’s cult is trying to sling.

    If good, decent Americans don’t take to the streets to oppose the stealing of what we legally have won, it will certainly shock me.

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