The vast scope of election fraud in America

Source: American Thinker.

The title of this piece is not to my liking (overwrought), but the summary of current allegations is useful. In principle there is nothing wrong with a contested election, so long as the resolution is transparent and the voters can agree that the final result is valid.

9 thoughts on “The vast scope of election fraud in America

  1. Disgraceful, unpatriotic bullshit. This site does not merit EITHER of its names.

    The big picture is very clear.

    Trump derided mail-in voting to such an extent that most of his followers chose to risk the pandemic and vote in person. In several key states, Republican lawmakers refused to authorize initiating the count before election day. Election staff have been overwhelmed by the volume and are processing the huge volume as best they can. The combination of these factors has created the “late” surge of Democratic votes. You want to believe the Liar-in-chief instead of these clear facts? Knock yourself out.

    Now if you want to see real voter fraud you need look no further than the estimated 150,000 votes lost in the Trump run post offices of America. Some were held up as court orders were ignored. Or the hundreds of thousands of eligible voters purged from the rolls “in error” in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and other states. Then there is the GOP government of Florida imposing a poll tax on hundreds of thousands of voters in order to subvert the recent Constitutional amendment returning the franchise to those with felony convictions. These are REAL and impactful examples of GOP voter fraud that dwarf any of the anecdotal BS found in screeds like those offered by AT. And that is not even counting dozens of totally bogus voter ID changes targeting Democratic voters.

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      1. There is a colossal reason to believe that the “allegations” are without merit – they were pulled from the ass of the Loser-in-chief Donald Trump and his lying team of liars with absolutely no evidence worthy of the name.

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          1. So true! Trump is not even capable of writing an article, but his “allegations” of “massive fraud” and of a “stolen” election are the “allegations” that matters. And, the people who wrote the article ARE part of his team of lying liars.

            Trump’s Hail Mary strategy of yelling “Fraud!” and initiating a tidal wave of litigation might have worked a little better if he had ANY credibility with serious people. He has none. So now his whiny, sore-loser bullshit just pitiful. And one final embarrassment for our country.

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          2. I assume the allegations will be investigated and I see no reason to pretend they are without merit.


    1. You have that half right. Donald Trump is BY FAR the most venal and corrupt presidential candidate in the history of the nation. No one else is remotely close. Ever.

      As for the election just finished it is a triumph of our system that in spite of the pandemic, in spite of the obstacles created by Republicans and in spite of attempts to sabotage the Post Office Americans of every stripe went the extra mile to make it work. Record setting turnouts for both parties.

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