“It’s our turn now.”

Sorry, I thought I could use this piece but I suppose the Pilot or Mr. Pitts doesn’t allow his columns to be used on a site like this.

It really is our turn now if we haven’t already voted. Mr. Pitts’ opinion piece was the best thing I’ve read in several days. While it can be viewed as a downer, it still offers hope.

10 thoughts on ““It’s our turn now.”

  1. OK, I went to the Pilot and read it. Nothing but Pitts usual arrogance and hatred for those who do not fall in line with the liberal narrative.

    Liberals talk about Trump dividing the country, but are blind to the disdain of the left wing pundits for the Heartland.

    I don’t know how the election will turn out, There is just too much cheerleading from both sides to get a feel for the truth, but I can tell you one thing.

    If Trump loses, his supporters will be heartbroken and may drink a few too many beers. Democrats who seek them out to gloat may get a bloody nose. But Wednesday morning they will get up, go to work, and make the best of it.

    If Trump wins, the cities will burn.

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    1. “arrogance”
      One of your favorite slanders. Usually applied – without obvious reason – to people like Leonard Pitts, Kamala Harris and President Obama. And yet, I have never seen you apply that adjective to the one public figure who has earned it in spades – Donald J. Trump.

      I hope you are right about the behavior of Trump supporters. A lot will depend on how Trump handles defeat. He has promised trouble if he loses and has enough influence over them to make it so.


    2. “… blind to the disdain of the left wing pundits for the Heartland.”

      Geez don’t conservatives get tired of claiming victim status day in and day out.

      Conservatives like to wrap themselves in a flag, carry a cross and whine, whine, whine. And yet, they have no compunction about reserving the word patriot for themselves to disparage those who are a bit more progressive in their thinking.

      To repeat one of my earlier links:

      “State authorities said they were monitoring alleged criminals online, including posts from suspected white supremacist groups trying to incite violence by promoting looting and mayhem in Minneapolis.”


      I suspect that a lot of the violence this last summer was started or encouraged by the right wing gangs that Trump has since enlisted to “stand by”. Birds of a feather.

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    3. “If Trump loses, his supporters will be heartbroken and may drink a few too many beers. Democrats who seek them out to gloat may get a bloody nose.”

      Not so sure about broken noses, though I doubt it.

      However, considering the Republican nutcase who left a threatening message on my home phone in early January 2017, you might want to keep the recorder going on the phone for a few weeks and keep your powder dry. Ha. I got the Pilot involved and the Norfolk Police, but without mentioning a specific action, not much can be done.

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  2. Pitts is nothing more than a race baiting left wing whore. Always has been, always will be. His opinion is trash so who cares about his typical far left wing tripe?


    1. Your comment was about as ad hominem as they get. But that is fine with me. It is all you have I suppose, or you would have been a bit more forthcoming.

      I notice that the other “cops on the beat” are cool with you comments, so have a ball.

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      1. Truth hurts? What exactly is ad hominem about calling a spade a spade? Pitts has spouted off racial crap blaming whitey for all evils for years. Why would you or anyone buy his trash except to further a far left wing agenda…..oh, go figure..prompting his hyper trash is all you have?


    2. Me thinks you just might keep ‘whores’ on your mind a tad too much.

      And, if his opinion is trash I got to ask just where you think that leaves yours?

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