DOJ official confirms FBI 2019 criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, still active

Source: ABC News.

Last week Fox News claimed that Hunter Biden was under criminal investigation for money laundering.

The claim was based on deciphering the FBI case number on a document the agency allegedly used to take possession of the Biden laptop which had been abandoned at a repair shop. The claim apparently has been confirmed, although details of the confirmation are sparse.

In my view, the American people have enough information related to the laptop story to conclude that the Biden family is corrupt and Joe Biden is undeserving to be president. The candidate’s son, Hunter, clearly represents a national security risk, owing to his debauchery. More significant is the evidence supporting allegations that the candidate himself received payouts from family business dealings related to his own conduct while in office.

These questions will not be resolved by next Tuesday, but they make Joe Biden the unsafe candidate.

15 thoughts on “DOJ official confirms FBI 2019 criminal investigation into Hunter Biden, still active

  1. Approaching 9 million cases and over 228,000 dead from a lack of coordinated response from the Trump WH and you refer to Biden as being unsafe? Rich.

    I guess it is curious that at the time the laptop was dropped off in DELAWARE, Hunter Biden was in CALIFORNIA. And if anything truly incriminating was on the computer, Hunter would be cooling his heels in a federally contracted local lock-up in Delaware.

    This is worse than Comey’s move in 2016 regarding Hillary’s emails. The desperation is so thick in Trumpland I can smell it in my backyard. And on this forum.

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    1. How many COVID cases do you think could have been prevented in a free country?

      Sure, if we were China and could park tanks on all the exits from NYC it might have been contained, but we aren’t.

      Delaware is, of course, the Biden family center of power. DO you have a cite establishing Hunter was in CA at the time the laptop was dropped off? 3 laptops were dropped off, 2 on one occasion and 1 and the hard drive on another. 2 were paid for and picked up.

      And, of course, emails have both senders and recipients. and the recipients have confirmed some of the emails.


      1. There are MANY free countries who have prevented a lot of Covid deaths. You may see mandated mask wearing, restricting indoor gatherings, contact tracing and quarantining of those in contact with carriers as violations of your liberty but most people understand that they are not if they serve a valid and serious public purpose – which they do. The recent “experiment” in Kansas confirms that.

        Delaware is where Joe Biden is from but Hunter Biden was a California resident at the time these laptops were supposedly dropped off. You can look it up. I did.

        Evidence provided by the Daily Caller is an insult to the intelligence of your forum participants. If that is the best source you can find, don’t bother.

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        1. There are these things called ‘jets’ that allow people to travel.

          Where Hunter’s official address might be is irrelevant to where he was on a particular day.

          Where is the article on the Daily Caller in error?


          1. LOL!

            Yes, indeed, there are jets. And who doesn’t when travelling across the continent throw three broken laptops in their luggage to have them repaired at non-descript location 3,000 miles away? Yeah, sure, very plausible.

            The Daily Caller. No matter what they say cannot be believed. It is almost always cherry-picked, distorted or irrelevant. You immediately lose credibility by using it as a source.

            In this case they breathlessly announce that the “smoking gun” email has been authenticated. But that “smoking gun” contains no evidence of a crime of any sort. It is an attempt to replay 2016’s “But her emails.”

            Furthermore, whether the email is authenticate or not says NOTHING about its provenance. Was the source really really Hunter Biden’s laptop (who according to right wing smears left child porn on the hard drive he delivered to a shop) or was it the product of hacking.


          2. So, you’re saying that the content of the emails changed after being sent?

            Or that only some emails on the drive are real but the others are fake, and just by coincidence, the ones that are real are the same ones others have copies of.

            Interesting thing about pictures stored on a disk. When you delete them, they are only removed from the index, and remain on the disk until overwritten.


          3. It is clear what I am saying . . . the origin story of the laptop is literally incredible.

            The “smoking gun” emails seem to be authentic but prove absolutely no wrong-doing by anybody. Perhaps they are there to add credibility to the slime you are so eager to talk about?

            Yes, I get your slimy insinuation about the images. It goes like this . . . Poor drug addled Hunter did not know what virtually everyone modern computer user knows about how data is recoverable from hard drives and he foolishly failed to take that into account allowing Giuliani and Bannon to discover his dirty secrets.

            Now, you tell me – what has your slimy insinuation about Hunter Biden’s personal problems got to do with Joe Biden’s candidacy?

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          4. Other than a likely reason for his carelessness, I agree that his personal problems are not newsworthy, and Tucker Carlson is to be commended for not airing them.

            If they involve children, a referral to the police would be appropriate but still not newsworthy


          5. ,,,” a referral to the police would be appropriate”…

            If, as indicated by another poster here, there are images of child pornography on the computer, Mr. Hinter Biden would be awaiting trial in a federally contracted local lock up i Delaware.


  2. Desperate and laughable.

    But I get it. If the real news is that Donald Trump has a proven record of deceit and corruption it is only “fair and balanced” to spread a fake news story that Joe Biden is corrupt as well.

    So, what do we have here? Let’s see. An unnamed Justice Department official has – according to this story – broken the law and described the existence of a criminal investigation involving somehow Hunter Biden that has been going on now for well over a year. Without result. Without warrants or court filings. Or indictments. And, OMG, Tony Bobulinksi – who met Joe Biden AFTER he left office – is trotted out AGAIN by a right-wing extremist propaganda organization (Sinclair Broadcast Group NOT ABC News) to repeat his unproven, unverified and irrelevant claims.

    Hunter Biden’s “debauchery” is a national security risk? Coming from a supporter of Jeffrey Epstein’s good buddy Donnie “Little hands” Trump? That is milk out the nose funny.

    There is ZERO evidence that Joe Biden “received payouts from family business dealings related to his own conduct while in office.” That would be bribery. Why is there no evidence? Because the accusation is a LIE. Biden has revealed ALL sources of income for more than 20 years – something Trump will not do. But there you go – spreading it like it was the Gospel. As I said at the top – desperate and laughable. Let me add – deplorable.

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    1. RE: “But there you go – spreading it like it was the Gospel.”

      Facts are Gospel. The facts here are:

      • Credible documentation and witnesses point to Biden family corruption.
      • A credible news outlet has reported its confirmation of an FBI criminal investigation of that corruption.

      You and your ilk are welcome to scoff, but this story isn’t going away. Those of us who are following it can’t prove the Bidens guilty, but neither can the scoffers prove them innocent.


      1. “Facts are Gospel”

        Yes, but these are not “facts.” Horseshit interpretations of facts are not facts.

        As far is “credible news outlet” I suggest you learn more about Sinclair Broadcast Group before describing it that way.

        You demand that we “scoffers” prove that Biden is innocent? Here is a heads up. We are “scoffers” because NOBODY has offered ANY evidence that confirms the LIES told about Joe Biden being on the take. NONE.

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      2. “Facts are Gospel.”

        Coming from you, who does his best to spread as much false narrative as possible, another rich statement.

        And why is it that the criminal investigation into Hunter is such a big deal and has been ILLEGALLY made public today, but the one into the Trump campaign in 2016 was NEVER disclosed until long after the election, was, according to Trumpists, a big fat nothing?

        It’s an investigation. According to the anti-Biden coalition, it is PROOF of wrongdoing. When it was an investigation into Trump, it was no big deal.

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  3. This “smoking gun” laptop is part and parcel of a pathetic and failed effort to come up with an October surprise analogous to Comey’s insane email decisions in October 2016. It is lead by two of Trump’s favorite ratfuckers – Giuliani and Bannon. The inimitable David Corn puts it into the big picture of “The Crazy Last Days of Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon.”

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  4. “In my view, the American people have enough information related to the laptop story to conclude that the Biden family is corrupt and Joe Biden is undeserving to be president.”

    In MY view, the American people have enough information related to the multiple disgusting and crime-related stories proving that the Trump family and especially the FAUX PREZ is corrupt and certainly undeserving of being dog-catcher, much less president.

    The American people have had to live through four excruciation years of one Trump scandal after another, including BJ’s from Stormy, “p-ssy crabbing” donald, and so many scandals regarding his every day ‘abuse of power’ that we’re tired of his antics and sick of his face and whiny mouth. Just because the Senate was too weak to remove Trump for office doesn’t mean he WASN’T impeached. He WAS impeached, and that will stick with him the rest of his life. I won’t find a ‘justice’ to remove that from his history.

    So, sorry; but at this point I don’t care if you just told me Joe Biden daily tosses kittens out his 2nd or 4rd floor window. He’s still more qualified, much more intelligent and a heck of a lot more worthy of being elected President next week.

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