The job doesn’t stop Nov 3

Cato: Vaccancy on the 7th District COA

Win or lose, when Amy Coney Barret is confirmed to SCOTUS, there will be a vacancy on the 7th District to fill. It’ll give Democrats something to whine about for Christmas.

6 thoughts on “The job doesn’t stop Nov 3

  1. An interesting sidebar to this hearing.

    Graham is whining about all the “big anonymous money“ that Harrison is raising in the S.C. Senate battle.

    He can thank Citizens United.

    Anonymity in donations is a problem for me. If a candidate, incumbent or not, gets million dollar assists from corporate interests, we know he or she will be beholden in some form or another to that donor more than many of his actual constituents that he should represent. Accountability is important.

    Lobbyists write the laws. We have a right to know, as informed voters should be, who is bankrolling our representatives.

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    1. The idea floated by Graham of some sort of dark money supporting his opponent seems to me to be a fiction created for a political purpose. The fact seems to be that the Democrats have mastered the methodology for attracting and collecting small donations. Act Blue is a real force in this election and GOP heads are exploding over it.

      The source of the flood of money is Trump. The people are sick of having a ““a race-bating xenophobic religious bigot” as our President and Graham has made himself a target by his ignoring this fact that he stated in 2016. Trump is the best motivator that Democrats have ever had.

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        1. What large donations? Imaginary ones don’t count. Act Blue acts as an aggregator of small donations from the public – each with a name and a valid credit card attached. I know you already know that. Why pretend that you don’t?

          I will not go into the absurdity of a champion of the party funded so heavily by untraceable dark money demanding that ANYBODY disclose their donors. Democrats have tried for years to make the law require strict limits and full disclosure on campaign contributions. Republicans and their ancillary appointed legislature at SCOTUS have blocked such measures at every turn.

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