Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger of Using Largely Untested COVID Vaccines on Kids

Source: GlobalResearch.

I haven’t paid much attention to anti-vaxxers, so some of the things RFK Jr. had to say were news to me:

  • That animal testing of Covid-19 vaccines hasn’t been done.
  • That human testing, at least for the Moderna vaccine, has been severely limited and possibly methodologically flawed.
  • That exclusionary criteria applied to human-subject selection for testing of coronavirus vaccines suggests potential risks for vaccine use by real-world populations.
  • That vaccines in general do not endure testing as robust as that required for other medical products. Specifically, studies involving placebos are not required for vaccines.
  • That vaccine injuries are not in fact rare, but rarely litigated.

As a vaccinated person myself, indeed as an agent of force in the infliction of vaccination upon helpless children (that is, as a parent), I may need to rethink my assumptions.

3 thoughts on “Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger of Using Largely Untested COVID Vaccines on Kids

  1. Issues with Kennedy’s assertions.

    First, Moderna is starting Phase 3 testing and is amassing 30,000 volunteers. Way more than the handful in Phase 2. They are going to have that group reflect American population stats with regard to race, gender, age, etc.

    Next, vaccine testing cannot be done with placebos for ethical reasons.

    Also, Oxford has already started Phase 3 testing as far as I understand.

    The vaccines being tested are not live virus but rather computer designed RNA transfers, also as far as I understand. But I do believe that mice have been involved.

    Kennedy is the beacon for anti-vaxxers. He always says he is not against vaccines, but his followers don’t care. He lends legitimacy. Of course this is my biased opinion.

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  2. It’s really a non-issue. Even with the production front loading in Operation Warp Speed, the vaccine will not be available for everyone on the first day.The first round of doses will go to health care workers not yet infected, then high risk patients and their caretakers. Then middle age with risk factors, and so on down the age ladder. Children will be the last to get it, and probably should have negative antibody tests before getting it anyway.

    By that time, it will have been well tested by those with higher priority.


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