A Put-Up Job

Source: Mercatus Center.

It is now clear, and documented, that the Russia/Trump collusion story was a full-blown hoax, wrongly created, then unethically and illegally sustained. All that remains is the tin-struck reverberation of cognitive dissonance among those who persist in believing that something, somehow, was true about it.

One thought on “A Put-Up Job

  1. We do know several things that have not changed:

    Manafort was paid millions to campaign for Putin’s puppet in Ukraine (on which he did not pay taxes, BTW) and he passed polling information to Russian intelligence while campaign chief.

    Trump Jr. almost wet his pants when he was told that he could get dirt on Clinton from the highest levels in Moscow. The meeting took place, but not much information was supposedly gleaned.

    Flynn lied to the FBI, he lied under oath to the court, hid his overseas relationship with a dictator (Erdogan) that included plotting to kidnap a man in the US.

    Trump wanted “his” lawyers to lie for him as brought out in the obstruction evidence.

    So other than that, we were dealing with patriots.

    PS: Best I can tell, the Democrats took the House because of healthcare, a topic they ran on. Trump ran on fear of “hordes” at the gate ready to rape you wife, your daughter and your dog. Not because of the Mueller report.

    Now if there was malfeasance in the Russian investigation, hang ’em high. But in my book it does not change that Trump cares little about our nation. Or that Stone knew about the whole Russian hack and email releases by Wikileaks and passed that on to Trump, who commuted the felon’s sentence.


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