Clear corruption explained

Lawfare writers explain the blatant corruption of the Roger Stone commutation. Pretty cut and dry.

One question: As Mr. Stone is still a convicted felon, will he be able to vote in November? (OK, two) Has Florida finally corrected the mistakes made by the legislature after the voters overwhelmingly approved the restoration of rights which will allow him to do so?

2 thoughts on “Clear corruption explained

  1. “But the newly revealed text makes clear Mueller’s suspicions that Trump lied in his written answers—and then pushed Stone not to testify in order to prevent Mueller from discovering that lie.”

    This sounds so much like a Mafia trial, including the attempted witness intimidation.

    Of course Trump had a history with the N.Y. Mafia. And we know he dod business with a Russian oligarchs who are either Russian Mafia or Putin’s pals.

    The administration is not draining any swamp. They have poisoned the water.

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