Red Scare

Source: Wikipedia.

The term Red Scare has cropped up recently in discussions here, but in a way to suggest that Communism in America has never been a real threat. I used to believe this myself.

There were two Red Scare periods in America. The first, which roughly corresponded with the Bolshevik Revolution and WWI, was associated with the international labor movement and was inspired by strikes, riots and bombings that understandably frightened the public. The second is associated with McCarthyism, but while there were elements of political hysteria, the basic claims of Soviet/Communist infiltration of the U.S. government and other institutions were ultimately confirmed.

Communists and their supporters have been active in American politics for more than 100 years. To suggest their influence has been benign is factually incorrect.

8 thoughts on “Red Scare

  1. Communism has always been a fringe group in the US. The biggest “threat” was the Cold War and the idea that it could turn hot between two major countries with nuclear weapons.

    At this point, communism is like libertarianism. An ideology that will sometime influence political thought when things turn a bit sour.

    Marxism took hold in the late 1800’s early 1900’s because of wretched working conditions in capitalist nations such as Britain and US. And of course the Russian Revolution was about a horrible situation for most of the people. Soon enough, it turned out that communism was just another dictatorship and led to terrible economies.

    I am much more concerned about the rise of white supremacist militias that have blossomed under the present administration.

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    1. …”communism is like libertarianism”…

      Don is gonna love that!

      …”rise of white supremacist militias that have blossomed under the present administration.”

      C’mon Len. It’s all ANTIFA and you know that. (Tongues planted FIRMLY in cheek, in case anyone was wondering.)

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    2. RE: “Communism has always been a fringe group in the US.”

      A “fringe group” with a history of significant violence, right up through the present.


    3. Communism is like libertarianism?

      Well, other than being the exact opposite end of the spectrum on every single issue, I guess so.

      Communism is an economic train wreck every time it is tried, but it is fantastically successful politically as long as people remain ignorant, or worse, misinformed, about history.

      People keep trying it over and over, no matter how many times it has led to poverty and oppression, because they are told, and believe, that the failure is due to poor leadership, and that if run by more enlightened people like themselves, THIS TIME it will bring us to paradise.

      The truth is that no matter how enlightened and noble the leaders, the concept is corrupt.


      1. I think either I can’t write or others can’t read.

        The only similarity between communists and libertarians Is the are both fringe ideologies. That is what I thought I wrote.

        I am not praising communism. I just think John is swatting at flies with a baseball bat.

        Communism only has any appeal or even limited success in a country that has been so corrupted by oligarchs that the masses get to a point of nothing more to lose.

        We are headed there, but still not at the desperation level. Free market capitalism is good, but only so long as we don’t corrupt it. Our financial sector is well on its way to doing just that.

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      1. You are not that obtuse. By attempting to drag “communism” into the mix, you are ignoring every single fallacy of the current administration. It’s interesting reading, but has little to nothing to do with the current situation.

        It’s deflection from reality. Instead of looking at TODAY, you are looking back to “yesterday” and ignoring current affairs. – IMO


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