There must be something about it.

No one is happy about Bolton’s book. Both sides of the political divide are upset about one aspect or another. Must be dead on if everyone is PO’ed.

But out of all the outrage from the administration, notice how there is little denial about the veracity of the individual claims. Just a general “he’s a liar”.

But Bill Kristol answers that assertion quite clearly in this short essay from

But what about the general public? What should our takeaway be? Are we upset about his approval of Chinese concentration camps? What about begging China to interfere in the 2020 election by urging Xi to buy more agricultural products from US farm states? The fact that the Dems jumped the gun on impeachment and had too narrow a scope? How about Bolton’s refusal to testify in the House or the Senate to call him as a witness?

My takeaway is Bolton’s assessment that Mr. Trump is not fit for the office of President.

5 thoughts on “There must be something about it.

  1. My take is that Bolton is a bitter old warmonger who is pissed that he didn’t get to dictate foreign policy.

    Oh, and this seems pretty specific regarding Bolton’s claim Trump asked Xi for election help.

    “U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said Wednesday that he attended a meeting between Trump and Xi at the Group of 20 nations in Osaka, but he never heard Trump pleading with Xi to buy more agriculture products to ensure he would win reelection. “


    1. 1) There were several different meetings at that summit. Lightzinger was not at the one Bolton sited, only Trump, Xi and their interpreters. So he may not have heard a conversation, but he was not privy to them all. Even Bolton said his information was based on the report of the interpreter. He’s a voracious note taker. (Remind you of any one else that Trump fired?) who wrote contemporaneous notes to himself.

      2) I refer back to Kristol’s essay on Bolton’s honesty. You don’t have to like him. you don’t have to like his policies. But his integrity is in tact.

      3) Bolton could have been pissed at others he worked for who did not take his advice. But he didn’t feel a need to write about it.

      Your assessment is based strictly on your undying loyalty to Mr. Trump.

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  2. The president is in over his head. Has been from day one.

    The only reason he is still in power is that he can appoint judges, sign conservative bills and rile up primaries against GOP politicians from red districts who don’t kiss his butt.

    His disdain for America and Americans has been clear all along. So long as the Obama economy was humming along on the same trajectory after Trump took office, he was just a crazy uncle in the attic.

    But once a real crisis came, he fell apart. His ignorance of our system of governance was exposed like the leaking drain under the sink that came to light when the floor rotted out.

    The NYT exposure of the Trump family tax evasion schemes, his fraudulent dealings with banks, his “university”, his payoffs, his bailouts by dad, shady banks, the Saudis and Russian oligarchs, his endless lawsuits, his insults, his racist retweets, and now this Bolton revelation show a preference for the “rule of Trump”, not the rule of law.

    Crises make or break leaders.

    Trump is broken.

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