The Only Way to Stop Socialism is to Decentralize the Internet

Source: Front Page Magazine

The writer makes a fair point: Today’s big tech monopolies — like last century’s newspaper monopolies — have merged with political governance in ways that make them part of the same, singular power structure. The main consequence, he argues, will be the emergence of corporate socialism, unless we stop it. The solution is to break up the big tech monopolies.

4 thoughts on “The Only Way to Stop Socialism is to Decentralize the Internet

  1. Funny doncha think, that Elizabeth Warren has been calling for breaking up the big tech companies for a while now. So has the right wing boogey woman, AOC.

    Irony? Perhaps.


  2. I think we have envy. It wasn’t a problem when talk radio was dominated by conservative voices and station owners.

    Now, because some of the major players who own the platforms have decided that not everything is allowed on privately owned cyber-turf, we all of a sudden need massive clampdowns on the tech industry.

    Sorry, but that doesn’t sit well with those who are capable of surfing multiple sites and doing a bit of research.

    Anyone who gets all, or even any, of their news from FB is ignorant. There are multiple search engines that are more secure and less intrusive than Google. Amazon is not the only marketplace. (I have found that prices and service are often better directly from the companies.)

    The author just wants to right wing to dominate the internet like it did, and still does, AM radio. And probably doesn’t want the mega-media site, FOX and NewsCorp, to have any competition.

    PS: I happened to see someone on FB that quit posting because she thought Zuckerberg announced he was supporting Trump.

    So you can leave and “vote” with your mouse if you think the politics are not your cup of tea.

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    1. RE: “I think we have envy.”

      That would be hard to show on the evidence in the piece.

      I’m not convinced that breaking up the big tech monopolies at this time would be a good idea, but I think the problems the writer describes are real and they exist whatever his unprovable motives might be.

      To my mind it is shame that problems themselves go unrecognized.


      1. It was my opinion that envy is involved. It just seems odd that when conservatives ruled the airways, everything was just fine.

        Breaking up the big tech companies is counter to free market capitalism. But has been done before in the guise of the “trustbuster”, Teddy Roosevelt.

        As such, there is a problem when companies get too large and rich. With wealth come political power. And great wealth leads to great political power.

        Theoretically, our form of government is supposed to be “of, for and by” the people with a representative system to temper the savagery of pure democracy.

        But we know that the squeaky wheel is most often the biggest and most expensive one. Except when outrage becomes so big and so widespread, as in this case. I think there is a good chance that we might see major changes in the next few years or decade.

        The best change would be a shift to community policing, as was done with a good deal of success in Camden, NJ.

        The cop on the beat rather than as part of an occupying army would be a very new, yet still old, technique.

        Paired with an actual and effective mental health care system, we might see positive results.

        But I digress. I think fear of the “red scare” is diversionary. Witness the right wing attacks on universal healthcare and education as being the communist camel under the tent flap.

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