What Did They Think Would Happen?

The Bulwark publisher, Sarah Longwell kind of nails it.

3 thoughts on “What Did They Think Would Happen?

  1. Looters and vandals are always at the ready to take advantage of legitimate social protest.

    Today is no different. There are a number of Antifa’s and white supremacists that have been seen to burn, loot, throw rocks and Molotov cocktails.

    BLM and Floyd’s family have tried to call for curtailing the violence.

    Should we be surprised?

    In the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a black jogger murdered in cold blood and it took months to make an arrest even though the killers were well known. And then a slow 9 minute torture killing by 4 police officers.

    If we are surprised then we are in total denial.

    Like Popeye used to say:

    “I can just stands so much until I can’t stands no more.”

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      1. This stuff was building long before Trump.

        Of course, it helped to get him elected by inciting fear of minorities, Mexican rapists and retweeting racist posts. So why change now.

        “Thugs and our vicious dogs”. “Lootin’ and shootin’”. Lying about DC police.

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