A short letter to myself . . .

Dear silly woman; I have a question . . . ‘WHAT THE (fill in the blank) WHAT?!’

You post about statements ‘djt’ makes and in the title you ask . . . “Is this for real?”, regarding what he’s said. How many “false or misleading claims” have been determined to have come thru his lips or his fingertips since he came on the political scene? More than 18,000 at last count, I believe.

OF COURSE it is more than likely NOT REAL! We are talking about ‘djt’, after all. The more I got to thinking about him speaking so cavalierly about unnecessarily taking a drug that could kill him, it occured to me that this would be a spectacular change from his day-to-day “false or misleading claims”. Why would I believe anything from this guy?

Bottom line – I need to sleep on any posting re: ‘djt’ before hitting the important “PUBLISH” button. A good night’s sleep would have surely, I hope, made me see the folly of my post, “Is this for real? Wow.”

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