Flounder : struggle to move or obtain footing : thrash about wildly

A concise recap of the many twists and turns of Trump’s floundering leadership in response to coronavirus.

31 thoughts on “Flounder : struggle to move or obtain footing : thrash about wildly

  1. Broken link

    But a flounder is a bottom dwelling fish that lays down until it is time to eat and has both eyes on its left side, obviously a Democrat.


    1. Drift fishing on the Eastern Shore just north of Cedar Island was a great place to snag doormats.

      REPUBs or DEMs the taste was the same….

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  2. OK, so Salon doesn’t like Trump either.

    In hindsight, it is easy to portray policy changes in response to changing knowledge about a virus no one has faced before. as floundering, but I didn’t hear anyone offering better choices in real time.

    Nothing but a bunch of ankle biters


    1. I find taking the “other” side of an issue can be enlightening.

      What it really does for me is the “walk a mile” thing because I have to work to see WHY “they” see things so differently.

      Painful, but useful….

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    2. @Tabor

      You didn’t hear anyone offering better choices? That is because you weren’t listening. Several other countries made better choices. It was not a mystery what needed to be done – stop all person to person contact. And do a crash effort on deploying test capability. But, oh no, that might spook the stock market. So Trump chose a policy of LYING to the American people. You do not need hindsight to know that you cannot LIE a pandemic away, but Trump apparently thought he could.

      The real point of this “ankle biting” retrospective was not so much the choices that Trump made but that he made so many and did not actually ever put together a thought out program of ANY kind.

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      1. What other countries like Italy? Spain? France? Per capita, they are all worse than us.

        Who, in the US made better policy recommendations in real time?

        Comparing the US to Japan or South Korea is unrealistic. For decades, they have worn masks when possibly ill to protect others as an admirable cultural practice.

        Here, the Anti-vax movement has spurred and anti-mask movement.



        1. @Tabor

          What other countries? Cherry pick much? There are 8 countries with per capita death rates worse than ours. You listed three of them. There are 131 countries with much better rates. We are in 9th place with 236 deaths per million – so far. Our neighbor to the north, Canada is in 11th place with 127 deaths per million of population. Half our death rate facing the same basic challenge.

          A culture of wearing masks surely helped but that is not as important as early and widespread testing, contact tracing, strict quarantines, shutting businesses and schools. South Korea as of today has suffered 256 deaths. Japan 590. THAT is what was possible. We have suffered 78,618 and that is climbing by about 2,000 per day. THAT is what failure looks like.

          It was NOT inevitable that it would be this bad. Trump screwed the pooch with all his “hopeful optimism” which is what you like to call his lying. In the end, he will have killed a lot of people and the economy will take much longer to recover than was possible with sound leadership.

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          1. I have been watching that, the problem is that he is usually responding to equally offensive comments by Paul. If I shut down Smith, I would have to shut down Paul as well.

            I think it is better that as a community we should all strive and call for greater civility from those on our own sides.


          2. Paul tends to fire second, IMO. But to be honest, it appears Mr. Smith’s name calling is worse than Trump’s (and I did not think that was possible.)

            I also find it concerning that only Paul gets called out by Mr. Roberts, but he lets Mr. Smith fly by under the radar. If that is not a hypocritical move, I really don’t know what else to say.


          3. But they are not personal attacks on posters here.

            Folks want to attack public figures or parties is one thing. The PERSONAL vitriol towards the participants her (“druggie Jimmie” as an example) is what I amtalking about.

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          4. If you want to change my perception of some things you post, you are welcome to do so. You are free to disagree with an of my assertions. But I call ’em as I see ’em.

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          5. …”call for greater civility from those on our own sides.”

            Well, I am calling on YOU to do that with Mr. Smith, who is on “your side”.

            Paul, tone it down. Attack the opinion not the individual. (There, see how easy that was?)


          6. @Tabor

            “I have been watching that, the problem is that he is usually responding to equally offensive comments by Paul.”

            Buzzz! False. I will not dignify that rubbish by explaining the difference between sharp rebuttal to nonsense and egregious and childish name-calling.

            But speaking of offensive, that would be someone constantly polluting the forum with “alternative facts” and throwing out accusations of other posters being “pure evil.” Now THAT’s offensive.

            As for Mr. Smith, he is a close analog for the angry monkey rattling its cage and hurling feces. His very silly posts are far more damaging to him than they are to me. IMHO.

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          7. @tabor

            Equating Paul’s comments with Bob’s comments explains a lot about your perception of the MSM when it comes to trump.

            Rationalization be thy name?

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          1. Would you be so kind as to review the post here that begins with “So my “Paul’s idea of a response” was”…
            …naive and stupid “… Same phrase cost the SECNAV his job.

            …”your smug ass, along with Jimmie the doobie, thinks you just know it all. Clowns…..” These are the kind of things that you ignore from Bobrsmith, yet you think Paul is the perpetrator? Paul can be vitriolic, but never to this degree just in ONE post.

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          2. @Tabor

            So, you cannot find a single post title that matches your bullshit accusation? That is because the accusation was bullshit just as comparing my posts to those of that feces slinger who parachutes in from time to time.

            You owe me an apology, but will not hold my breath.

            “Your posts consistently attack the man, not the idea.”
            That too is bullshit. My attacks on Trump are based on what he does and what he says.

            On the other hand, your frequent dishonest attacks on President Obama are very close to matching that accusation.

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      2. So my “Paul’s idea of a response” was correct even though you fake laughed. You want everyone to believe that shutting down all commerce and installing marshal law stay at home orders was the “correct” response. Don’t worry about the economy or jobs, lets make those evil rich pay for it all through government confication and party it up. You are so naive and stupid it can’t be fully expressed. And what is so comical is your smug ass, along with Jimmie the doobie, thinks you just know it all. Clowns…..


    3. “Nothing but a bunch of ankle biters”

      The same could be said about Fix News, Breitbart, Neswmax, Limbaugh, et. al concerning Obama. But as long as they hate the same guy you hate, it’s no big deal.

      HYPOCRISY continues in the world of trump.

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