10 thoughts on “Learn from this – Lying Liars Lie.

  1. 40% of the electorate, give/take a point or so, cares not a whit about the regime’s incessant lying, accusations, misleading statements, insults, etc.

    The remaining citizenry is calloused by the same actions and don’t expect truth to show up any time soon.

    So that leaves fact checkers with a small audience. Yet their efforts need to continue if we are ever to avoid the Third World status of petty autocrats’ disparagements, attacks and deliberate sowing of confusion.


    That being said, I could find little about the site The Conservative Investor Daily. It seems to be a numbers oriented place like IBD, which makes the fact checking piece an interesting supplement. I suspect that the work “conservative” in the title refers to investing not political philosophy.

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  2. @Len
    Actually I found the fact checking piece on WAPO and then Googled the title to find that this site also had it. So, I linked to this site to avoid paywall issues and because our Trumpist compadres might actually read it if they saw the word “conservative.”

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    1. Well, I will say that Trump was fun to watch until we needed an actual leader in a real crisis not created by him.

      Then the mask fell off.

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