Zero Charisma

With his stupid, self-centered response to the wonderful unifying message by President G.W. Bush, Trump again demonstrates what an utterly deplorable excuse for a human being he truly is.

8 thoughts on “Zero Charisma

  1. I know the appeal for Trump by his supporters is that he is giving the finger to the establishment. That he “counterpunches” (not to anyone’s face, just by tweets or FOX interviews and rallies). That he is “one of us” (yeah, if you are a millionaire with a history of sexual assault, bribery, tax evasion and bankruptcies).

    But honestly, why attack Bush after his uplifting little piece to give Americans a moral boost during these tough times.

    And attack not for what he did, but what he didn’t do.

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  2. So exactly where did Trump “attack” Bush? Uh, no where. He did say thank you for the message but just reflected on lack of support during the witch hunt. Again, liberals find something non-existant in everything and label it an “attack”. It’s old and tired. I knew this board wouldn’t fail for a daily laugh and Paul delivers, again.

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  3. DFTT

    Oh what the hell, let me ask.

    Just how fundamentally stupid do you have to be to not see that Trump’s whinging about his impeachment and castigating Bush for staying clear of it is petty, childish horseshit – especially as a Presidential response to a moving call for unity? And that this whinging about the lack of Bush’s support IS an “attack,” at least in moronic Trumpkin circles where even silence denotes disloyalty to their cult’s leader?

    How stupid? Pretty damn stupid.

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    1. Oh what the heck. Do I really need to repeat myself to such belligerant, obnoxious, ignorant bullshit? You have got to be THE biggest liberal jackass on this planet. Take a bow.

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      1. I kindly refer you to the blog guidelines:

        “… be civil, personal insults and ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.”

        Thank you for your participation, but we do try to maintain a level of civility.

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