A really interesting interview with Dr. Fauci.


There are a lot more topics than just the “made in a Chinese lab” part. A lot are encouraging, such as vaccine research updates, some are reality checks, and some are just insights into this amazing man and his energy.

11 thoughts on “A really interesting interview with Dr. Fauci.

  1. Interesting he can do interviews with the media, which is good, but he can’t take the time to testify before Congress.

    Something fishy? Or just Mr. Trump, AGAIN, denying Congress from performing its duty of oversight?

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      1. Now that’s funny. So little self-awareness!

        But what has Schiff got to do with it?

        The request for testimony was from the House Appropriations Committee which is chaired by a highly respected Representative from New York, Nita Lowey. The sub-committee involved is that with oversight of the HHS Department chaired by another long-serving Representative from Connecticut, Rosa DeLauro.

        Since we are blithely spending TRILLIONS the interest of this committee in getting the scientific facts is both appropriate and obviously so. So what is the problem? Uppity women?

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        1. So here is Trump’s new reasoning:


          For 2 years, he had his drooling sycophants in the majority in the House and they did ZERO oversight. Then the Democrats came to the majority and they started doing their job. Sorry, but your minority of voters could not overcome the majority of Americans who wanted Congress to do what they are supposed to do.

          Sorry if you don’t like it Mr. President, but if Dr, Fauci and others on your task force are too busy to testify before the House, they certainly don’t have the time to testify in the more deliberative body, the Senate.

          And to indicate the House Majority WANTS you to fail is complete and total HORSE POO. In a situation like this, NO ONE wants you to fail. They do, however, want you to do your freaking job.

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          1. @Adam

            There is a simple thought experiment that these Trumpeters refuse to try. Before defending this miscreant they should ask themselves . . .

            “What would I be saying if [Obama refused to allow testimony before Congress] or [Obama coerced a foreign government to defame his opponent] or any of the other countless criminal, impeachable and despicable actions and words that have become routine under Trump.

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      2. Your complete and total disdain for anything Democratic is at best disturbing. It matters not who is in Congress. There is an oversight duty of Congress that heeds to be adhered to.

        Or I could just say to you in response: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. THAT was a witch hunt. Seven (or more) Congressional hearings and NOTHING was found.

        Whereas Rep. Schiff’s committee was able to provide enough evidence for articles of impeachment to be voted on. It is not the fault of the House Democrats that the GOP-led Senate did not have the backbone to convict.

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    1. I got it at Applenews aggregator. It’s to long to summarize, but still a good take on what we are up against, what we are doing and what to expect.

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  2. It is telling that the utter lack of scientific evidence is not an impediment to Dear Leader and the “conservative” media continuing to push the story that there is something nefarious in the origins of the virus.

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