Donald Trump has lost his ‘ef-ing’ mind; whatever mind he had when he arrived.

I just walked in from sitting out by the water, and the first thing I hear out of ‘djt’s’ mouth is that . . . ‘we have to put our country back to work.’ What!?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that he said it is a good idea to wear a mask? (Even though he won’t be wearing one. )

What!? Also, wasn’t it just yesterday that he was in favor of staying home? Talk about FLIP-FLIPPING. This man is so dangerously ignorant it is unbelievable.

And, just one moment ago he says we need to keep people out of ventilators. Huh? Even people with problems due to the caronavirus?

We must get this man out of the WH. He knows nothing of what he speaks. Good grief. . .



6 thoughts on “Donald Trump has lost his ‘ef-ing’ mind; whatever mind he had when he arrived.

  1. March 24, Trump said, “You’ll have packed churches all over our country … I think it’ll be a beautiful time.”

    Just now Trump said, “There will be a lot of death.”

    Sorry but I just don’t see him making contradictory statements. Perfectly consistent.

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  2. He didn’t say today, or tomorrow, he said after we turn the corner.

    Essentially, some day we will be back to normal. Part of his job is to point to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    1. We will get through this. The vaccine is the key.

      I don’t know the latest on that, but there are labs all over the world working on it. Maybe less than 12-18 months before mass inoculations with that kind of intellectual horsepower being applied.

      I think the part that makes this particular virus such a threat is that it is contagious for up to a week or more before showing symptoms. The Swine Flu was only contagious for a day or two before the illness set in and the danger persisted longer AFTER symptoms appeared.

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    2. Really? That is your response to a faux president who can only rub his ‘fauxness’ in our faces every day?

      He doesn’t know his back-side from a hole in the ground. He needs to be removed. Now.

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    3. “Part of his job is to point to the light at the end of the tunnel.”

      Which in the case of his leadership in an on-rushing train.

      I wish to propose the OSAV Act (Open Season on Anti-Vax’ers) Act. Legalize darting. Good income for the State in the form of licenses and ear tags.

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  3. On Tuesday night, House Democrats announced that Robert Mueller will publicly testify next month about his investigation into Russian election interference and possible obstruction by Donald Trump, and the president is taking the news well. We know this because on Wednesday morning, he called into Fox Business for a chat that was ostensibly meant to be about the economy and lost his goddamn mind—even more than usual. Speaking to host Maria Bartiromo, Trump kicked things off by insisting there is no reason whatsoever for Mueller to speak to anyone about his report. “It never ends,” the president said, claiming “we had no obstruction” when, of course, that’s not exactly the case .


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