Trump’s conflict of interest

It is very probable that Trump’s management of the pandemic crisis is based more on his concern for his business interests than for the welfare of the American people. Such a conflict of interest would explain his nutty rush to overrule science on the ending of social distancing measures.

Based on past performance the Trump Organization is very likely built on a shaky foundation of expensive debt and will not survive the hole in its revenue stream that social distancing is creating. Thank God Trump has no power to end the state-by-state measures now in place. He would do so in a heartbeat to protect his business interests no matter how many people would die a painful death. IMHO.

32 thoughts on “Trump’s conflict of interest

  1. If we have ever had a President who is NOT motivated by personal gain, it is Trump. He is certainly the only one in our lifetimes who lost net worth while in public office.

    You are blinded by your own pettiness and hate, there are many reasons to disagree with Trump, but he is truly doing what he believes best for the country.

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    1. …”he is truly doing what he believes best for the country.”

      Trump has equated himself with the country from day one-ish. Anytime something is bad for his, he claims it is bad for the country. If it is good for him, it is good for the country.

      Your blind support of him may not allow you to see it. But, IMHO, it is easily seen. IF you look with open eyes.

      …”who lost net worth while in public office.”… The only reason that is true is he can’t go running to Deutsche Bank (or any other entity that has done it in the past) and get his business ass bailed out.

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    2. “ever had a President who is NOT motivated by personal gain, it is Trump“

      Laugh out loud funny/sad. He does not give shit about ANYTHING other than himself and is greedy beyond measure. His entire life is a clear testament to exactly that.

      You MUST be joking?

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    3. You have no idea what Trump had before, what he has now, and why he acts the way he does.

      Foreign policy decisions regarding China were coincidentally timed with unheard of copyright gains for his daughter and 500 million investments by China in Indonesian Trump interests.

      Trump Towers in Istanbul pure happenstance with yanking troops for Erdogan.

      Deutsche Bank is one of the crooked things financial institutions in the world, and the only “legal” financier for Trump. Money laundering and Libot rate rigging were two specialties.

      This crisis is a test. How it pans out will determine whether he is a president or a fake.

      The only difference will be his taking credit for what works and blaming everyone and anyone, past or present for what doesn’t.

      I will give great credit to the healthcare pros, Dr. Fauci,, Pelosi working with the White House and Mitch for finally realizing a deal was I the offing with protections. And people like Cuomo who are in the maelstrom and hustling the best he can both with and without federal resources.

      Trump’s credit is that he finally started to listen to the inevitable and is now reacting with some semblance of leadership.

      But his endless insults on the media, the Democrats and anyone who actually told the truth about the dangers of this disease both physically and financially up until 12 days ago is unforgivable and disgusting. That was sowing mistrust and confusion among his fellow Americans for political gain.

      Not by any stretch the actions of a man who truly believes in doing the best for our nation.

      IMHO as you well know.

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  2. Of course ‘djt’ is invested 90% in what is good for him, his family and his overall private bottom-lines.

    Is there a 10% of his motivation that hopes America does well . . . maybe. But, even that 10 % is probably ONLY motivated by level that it could effect his own reelection. IMO.

    How can we think otherwise when he brings his personal finances up every time an open/hot mic is near?

    I agree totally with your assessment of his mindset. He is ruled by money and he can’t get his own businesses up and running again until the restrictions on people due to COVID-19 are lifted. So, he couldn’t give a steaming-pile about e
    the rest of us.

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    1. He has not signed it yet, but regardless: he has NO choice.

      Besides he’s feathering his financial bed for next year when he’s out of office and building hotels in Russia and Turkey.

      Of course he may be in jail by then as well.

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        1. Not particularly “wedded”, but the proof before my eyes is that he has been (and probably is) in negotiation for development in Moscow and Istanbul.

          A blind trust would have made the point moot and the Jail thing is just history waiting to happen…

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        2. @Tabor

          Clear proof? Ha!
          You are the expert in ignoring clear proof.

          Trump has been backed into a corner on getting personal bailouts and probably won’t dare veto the stimulus package. But his attitude was clearly visible in his evasive answers to questions on this subject and, of course, in the unaccountable giveaways in the McConnell package that the Democrats seem to have successfully resisted.

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    2. RE: “Trump has agreed to a provision in the stimulus bill that will block most government officials, including himself and his family, from benefiting from the stimulus.”

      I’m struck by how unreasonable that provision is. I guess every business in America can be saved, but the president’s business must be made exempt. The people who work for his companies will be scapegoated in the name of morality or political correctness.


        1. Ah, so the Presidency should be restricted to career politicians. Yeah, that’s worked so well it the past.

          George Washington was the wealthiest man in the US with businesses ranging from distilleries to toll canals. Experience in the real world is a good thing.

          Otherwise you get a succession of Clintons and Obamas with ivory tower ideas that fail miserably in practice.

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          1. @Tabor

            You are really, really dopey today. No, the Presidency is not restricted to career politicians, but when the people choose you to be the President you should cash out of whatever business you are in or put your holdings in a truly blind trust. Every past President has done so. Jimmy Carter even sold his family’s peanut farm.

            Like Caesar’s wife, the President should be above suspicion. Trump is not like Caesar’s wife. There is every reason to be suspicious of his motives. Personally, I think all the wealth he brags about is built like a house of cards and will crumble under the pressure of social distancing. THAT is why he wants to end it before it is safe to do so.

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          2. @Tabor

            Here on earth, both Clinton and Obama had very successful Presidencies. For example, each got the government’s fiscal house in order after the “borrow and spend” polices of their GOP predecessors. Your saying that they “failed miserably in practice” is the kind of stupid nonsense we expect to hear from stupid people who cannot defend their prejudices without employing “alternative facts.”

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          3. Any success Clinton enjoyed should be credited to his surrender to Newt Gingrich. Clinton turned US healthcare over to Hillary who came up with a plan so radical that it flipped the House and Senate Republican for the first time on over 40 years. Had the GOP not foolishly tried to impeach him instead of defeating him, he would have been a one termer.

            Obama did almost the same thing, entering office controlling both Houses of Congress and losing both by the time he left.

            Everything he did by executive order and regulation is being dismantled.

            Failed miserably in practice.


          4. @Tabor

            As usual, full of shit.

            Clinton restored fiscal sanity without the help of Newt Gingrich or ANY other Republican. He and the Democrats forced through tax increases that according to GOP orthodoxy should have resulted in recession. Instead we enjoyed a boom.

            Obama not only reversed the GOP economic collapse and moved the fiscal budgets back towards equilibrium he also made the most significant reform and improvement in our health care finances since Medicare.

            Your hatred has clearly blinded you to the truth about those two men and even more so with respect to your unbridled admiration for the Birther-in-chief who will go down in history as the most catastrophic President ever.

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          5. I see the red line, outlays, driven primarily by the growth of entitlements climbing. It was not the GOP that passed the entitlements.

            I also see the blue line, receipts, generally keeping pace except for the two recessions caused by the 9/11/01 attacks and the 2008 collapse of the housing bubble.

            Stupid foreign policy by both parties over decades can be assigned to both parties, but the Housing Bubble collapse can be laid at the feet of Frank Dodd and Barney Frank, who blocked Bush’s efforts to rein in Fannie and Freddie.


          6. @Tabor

            You are ridiculous, really and truly you are. The GOP forced through the biggest unfunded entitlement ever. The GOP increased military spending without paying for it. The GOP got us into a pointless and expensive war on borrowed money. The GOP’s reckless borrow and spend policies forced interest expense ever upward.

            The blue line of tax receipts reflects Clinton’s tax increases and GOP tax cuts pure and simple.

            I have often noted how you rely on alternative facts to support your screwy world view. Well, here you go again.

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      1. Put his businesses in a blind trust, take away all control from the family until he is out of office and then it COULD reasonably be saved.

        But with his boys still running the business, it would be an ALMOST direct benefit to Mr. Trump. Not PRESIDENT Trump, but Mr. Trump. He could have done it when he was elected, but chose not to.

        And how do we know what kind of family dinner conversations take place with Eric and Don Jr. concerning The Trump Organization. If he had just done the right thing, then he wouldn’t have had to worry about it.

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        1. Much of the value of Trump’s enterprises is based on the Trump brand, which carries weight in the lodging and entertainment industries. With no family involvement, they would crash.


          1. If the name is so damned strong, then your idea of the business crashing is bupkes.

            The only involvement is with the banks that have issued the loans that may or may not ever get paid back. Bankruptcy is the tool Trump has used repeatedly in the past. If you or I had filed bankruptcy as many times as his companies, even pay day lenders wouldn’t loan us money.

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          2. @Tabor

            If the Trump brand is the source of the value (Ha!) he could easily have sold the Trump brand to any number of fellow billionaires along with the properties that use it. If that would have cost him financially, too damn bad.

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  3. Wow, conspiracy theory much? Name one president that didn’t have some sort of business interest. In fact, the better ones had many business interests. Lefties only make themselves look predictably more stupid every day.


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