ZeroHedge: "We're Going To Be Fine" – Nobel-Winning Biophysicist Predicts Quicker COVID-19 Recovery

To the extent that media-induced panic over Covid-19 exists, this article is a minor counterpoint. Time will tell, of course, but why not be aware of this information?

If, for some reason, you don’t like the ZeroHedge version of the story, you can read the original at the LA Times by following the internal link.

9 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: "We're Going To Be Fine" – Nobel-Winning Biophysicist Predicts Quicker COVID-19 Recovery

  1. “Media induced panic…”

    From my perspective, it seems they were more right than what we heard from the regime and it’s cheerleaders up until March 13.

    Just the rush and demands to jam through a flawed 2 trillion stimulus shows the panic was well entrenched in both the regime and the GOP. Luckily a couple of days delay by Pelosi to at least prioritize workers and provide accountability for the 500 billion business fund showed that cooler heads prevailed.

    Yet, we have this:

    “ Trump told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer he selected Easter as the day he wants businesses to reopen, saying he’d like to see “packed churches all over our country” — the exact type of large gatherings that the CDC, the WHO, and Trump’s top health advisers have all urged suspended to help stop the spread of the virus.”

    18 days from now.

    I fear that such magical thinking will encourage the spread to middle America. The Chinese are carefully reopening Wuhan, but this is after severe, enforced lockdowns since January 23. We didn’t even admit, officially, to a serious pandemic until 12 days ago.

    Meanwhile the US is swiftly becoming the most infected, particularly in NY and it seems Florida.

    The argument is that the cure is worse than the disease. I guess priorities are important. If we are to live and die by the DOW, then “death” is a matter of “fiscal” v. “physical” definitions.


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    1. RE: “I fear that such magical thinking will encourage the spread to middle America.”

      Could be, but setting tangible goals creates focus and direction, which is why managers and executives set them. I’d be more worried if current leadership acted like Dr. Fauci, constantly hedging every statement and seeming indecisive.

      It is not inconceivable that test result data and the natural arc of the epidemic will show Easter gatherings to be relatively safe in some large areas of the country.


      1. There are reasons why experts encourage caution.

        I am wary that the regime and its very influential boosters that all but dismissed the pandemic until 12 days ago are the voices of reason now.

        Sometimes I like to look at who is benefiting. Are health professionals benefitting from exercising caution? Or would the regime benefit from a call of victory?

        I guess there is an argument to be made that Trump’s pronouncements are aspirational. Or perhaps in line with the supporters’ constant hammering about not paying attention to what our president actually, literally says.

        However, truth and reassurance are an important job for the man behind the bully pulpit in American politics during crises.


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      2. Concerning magical thinking… Ask the wife of the guy in Arizona about that and the dangers associated with it. Just sayin’.

        Yes, I know you were quoting Mr. Rothman.


      3. RE: “There are reasons why experts encourage caution.”

        Yes there are. And there are reasons people should think for themselves.


      4. …”setting tangible goals creates focus and direction”…

        However those goals should be based in fact, not wishful thinking. If by Easter we know the spread is under control, then it is possible. But just to say we wanna open for business on a specific date a WITHOUT tangible facts could be dangerous. – IMO


  2. Of note in the article: “Levitt is now predicting a curve flattening in infections could be around the corner for the US as strict social distancing measures are being implemented across major metro areas.”

    So it is the actions being taken to help prevent the spread that appear to be driving his hypothesis. Even the countries he mentioned (China, South Korea) took drastic measures to slow the spread. (I would question the numbers out of Iran because, well, it IS Iran) Slowing of the spread goes a long way to support his optimism. And the best way to slow the spread is to continue those actions and not try to open the country for business by Easter. (Or any other arbitrary date) Let’s see where the numbers are before declaring an end date. – IMO

    There is also this: “He said most individuals are immune to COVID-19 and pointed out that only 20% of the passengers on the Diamond Princess contracted the infection.” From a personal standpoint, I have not received a flu shot since 2007, my last full year of active duty when it was mandatory. I have also not had the flu during that time. Does that mean I am immune? Perhaps. (I would be surprised if I were due to my cancer treatments.) But unless he has scientific data to back that, not the anecdotal information he used (20% on the Diamond Princess cruise ship), it is a bit of a dangerous hypothesis. – IMO

    Optimism is fine. Guarded optimism is, IMHO, smarter.


  3. “We’re Going To Be Fine”

    I think 19,650 people (and counting) would disagree, a least if they were still able…


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