Sport Utility Rifle ban dies in Senate

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In a bipartisan vote of 10 to 5, HB961 was passed by for the year, and considering that 2021 is an election year for the House and Statewide offices, that is as dead as it can get.

It can best be thought of as a mercy killing, as with all the amendments added to an already obtuse bill, no one, including the Patron, could really say what it banned or who was exempt. It was a bad idea, badly executed, and mercifully put to rest.

24 thoughts on “Sport Utility Rifle ban dies in Senate

  1. So your hyperbolic overreaction to PROPOSED bills was proven to be just that. Consider this my “I told you so” moment.

    When the process works out the way YOU want, you exult it. When it doesn’t, you scream for the heads of those who stand on the opposite side of the debate.

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    1. Oh, not to worry, I still fully expect to collect those heads, starting in the Fall election for Senate and in every election after that until Democrats represent only the core of dense urban areas.


      1. You seem to miss the fact that the “core of dense urban areas: will eventually end up with MORE seats after the census and redistricting that follows (using the proposed amendment from last session.. we agree on that idea, I believe). Your pipe dream of the rural areas running the state will never come to fruition. And if it does, they better remember where the state coffers are filled from.

        So are you moving out of Chesapeake sometime soon now that is the second most populous city in the Commonwealth?

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        1. That’s where people misunderstand the urban/rural divide. Many counties are like Chesapeake with both densely populated areas and countryside. Where I live in Chesapeake, almost half the properties on Johnstown Rd have back yard shooting ranges (3 acre minimum properties due to septic system requirements,)

          From now on, the countryside will be motivated to vote.

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          1. My question was meant as a facetious one as I am quite aware of the county that calls itself the City of Chesapeake. (and the one that calls itself Suffolk, and the one that calls itself Virginia Beach….)

            The “countryside”, as you put it, has been one of the most dutiful voters in the Commonwealth (as well as the country). TO say they will be motivated is not quite accurate. They have ALWAYS been motivated. And there are more city folk moving to the country to escape the encroaching of the larger cities. But those that move will be bringing their politics with them, and unlikely to change because their neighbors want them to. They may understand their new neighbors, but that does not necessarily translate to changed votes.

            Keep up your Quixotic cries though. They are entertaining, even thought they are wrongheaded.


    1. …”the 2nd Amend will be an issue during the 2020 national elections.”

      If you actually paid attention you would realize it is an issue during EVERY presidential election. Usually led by the charge that the Dems are coming after your guns.

      Firearms sales skyrocketed during the 2008 campaign, and what happened? Not a damned thing. The tired old NRA battle cry that “they are coming to take your guns” NEVER materialized. And it never really does. Lots of talk and rhetoric, but the common senses prevail.

      However, the time WILL come when those who support reforms have the power to do something more that lip service.

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      1. Yet here is another case where the Democrats came after our guns.
        Our Governor wanted them…state Senators wanted them…Delegates wanted them…


      2. Actually, a lot of Democrat Senators should be very grateful to the committee, as it spared them a recorded vote on the floor.

        The result would have been the same, and those votes would have weighed heavily on then at election time.

        But really, read the bill, not the summary. The first four pages deal with driver’s licenses for errant teenagers. The bill was a mess through and through and never should have been filed. The committee members were mostly lawyers and they could not settle on what the bill really did.


  2. Oh well, I have paperwork to do, I’m ordering a suppressor for my AR so it will disturb my neighbor’s less when I am target shooting.

    The paperwork will add $300 to the cost of the purchase and take an average of 330 days before I get the suppressor. With modern communication, and databases, the task could be completed in less than a week, but the BATFE will take the full 11 months of the year they are allowed to stall a purchase that should be off-the-shelf just like a sling or sight.

    Still lots of work to do. It starts with replacing Warner with Daniel Gade this fall.

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      1. I’d prefer the Democratic majority realize their constituents are not just those who voted for them. It’s all the residents.

        Some of their “gun control” measures I personally didn’t have a problem with.

        But these vague definitions and bans? No longer can they say “no one’s coming after/going to take your guns!” Our Governor wants them as do roughly half of our state Senators and Delegates.

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        1. It was a poorly written bill and deserved to be tabled for further study. A better written, more exact bill would be better. Not to “felonize” gun owners, but to better address the true issues of the firearms in question.


  3. For any left winger to falsely claim that Democrats aren’t actively trying to confiscate firearms is beyond comprehension. It’s like them smiling and shaking your hand while stealing your wallet. The scum of the earth.

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