Russia still working for Trump

This is what happens when the President’s highest foreign policy priority is finding dirt on his opponents. This Russian cyber attack on Burisma has one very clear purpose . . .

“We have something you might find very useful, Mr. President, but we would like you to do us a favor though . . .”

17 thoughts on “Russia still working for Trump

  1. It’s a win-win for Mother Russia if they find something that can be corroborated…

    October 2020 — “We have something you might find very useful, Mr. President, but we would like you to do us a favor though . . .”

    February 2021 — ““We have something you might find very damning, Mr. President, but we would like you to do us a favor though . . .”

    Incriminating information does not lose value with time; it may, however, change sources for that value.

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    1. Expose what corruption? You are living in Trump dream world. There is nothing there.

      And the fact that you are OK with Russian Intelligence working to interfere in our democratic process tells me all I need to know about you, COMRADE. You and Vlad want Trump re-elected. You do the work, keep the Russians out of it.

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  2. All the more reason for us, with Ukraine’s assistance, to thoroughly investigate Burisma and the Biden’s connections with it as soon as possible.

    Once the truth is made public, it will have no value to the Russians.


    1. @Tabor

      All the more reason to discount anything you have to say. You made a minor career out of spreading every lie, calumny and slander pulled out of the ether about President Obama. It is obvious that you intend to continue in that vein with whomever challenges Dear Leader.

      The truth HAS been made public. The lies you lend the weight of truth to have been debunked over and over again.

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        1. @Tabor
          Of course, it is impossible to prove a negative. Any jackass can pretend that there is something out there no matter how thoroughly debunked the LIE has been. That is why the party of jackasses ran umpteen Benghazi investigations, can’t stop talking about Uranium One and have been investigating Hillary Clinton for thirty years. To no avail.

          Now they are trying the same dishonest bullshit on Vice-President Biden. Despicable but it does inform us that such people have no valid or persuasive points to make.

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      1. You know, THAT’S really the weird part of the cult’s obsession with trump that I Just don’t get.

        How can anyone defend someone who constantly lies to their face about EVERYTHING.

        Trust based on honesty is the glue that holds holds us all together.

        It has been my experience that people who are dishonest are untrustworthy.

        Plain and simple…

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        1. Well, the Republicans for all their “moral conservatism” (as in steadfastly clinging) sure can turn on a dime, way faster than any progressive.

          Remember fiscal responsibility? That ended with “Deficits Don’t Matter.”

          Now, it’s “Lies Don’t Matter!”

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  3. What is amusing is extremist liberals claiming nothing is there when Biden and son have not even been investigated. Old Joe made sure of that by withholding Congressionally approved funding to Ukraine unless the lead prosecutor initiating such an investigation was fired and Old Joe even bragged about it. Oh wait, what???????


    1. That is an embarrassingly inaccurate post.

      FYI: There is factually accurate information readily available that can be accessed with the same device you post with..

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    2. @Bobr

      Government investigations – under the rule of law – are not political tools for the President. They require “probable cause” – a quaint notion found in the archaic 1789 Constitution. I am not making this up. You can check.

      And “probable cause” requires something called “evidence.” There is no credible evidence of wrong doing by either Biden. All of this Presidential effort to get something on the Bidens by pressuring Ukraine is a criminal abuse of Presidential authority and should lead to impeachment. “Oh wait, what???????”

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      1. @Murphy

        FOX manages to conflate the two to mislead the ignorant and easily led.

        The revelations by Parnas, if even half true, demonstrate just how corrupt and directed trump’s illegal extortion effort was.

        One hopes it is the proverbial straw, although this big fat camel’s supporters are deplorably uneducable…

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        1. Same old left wing extremist FOX news hogwash accusations with a superiority complex shining through. Lame as always. Smoke another doobie and get a haircut


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