Mother Lode of Rightwing Lies Found!

This is an interesting piece that traces this Biden corruption bull back to the same source as the Uranium One “scandal.” “Conservative” victims of all these lies should read it to learn more about the billionaire machinations targeting your minds, hearts and souls.

6 thoughts on “Mother Lode of Rightwing Lies Found!

  1. The New Yorker channels its inner Hillary Clinton by claiming a vast rightwing conspiracy. Other than that the piece doesn’t give any examples to show either John Solomon or Peter Schwietzer reporting false information. I’d say their reputations are intact.


  2. “I’d say their reputations are intact”

    Of course you would say that. Evidence NEVER changes the ideas that you started with. Never mind that even Fox News says Uranium One was a phony baloney “scandal.” Never mind that there is zero evidence of any actual corruption by Joe Biden. These lying liars are feeding you what you want to “know.”


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    1. RE: “Of course you would say that. Evidence NEVER changes the ideas that you started with.”

      What a child you are!

      In this case, I have repeatedly written in this very forum that there is no evidence Joe Biden committed a crime or even a corrupt act. You accuse me of believing things I have specifically disputed.



      1. You just said “their reputations are intact” even though they are the source of the FALSE story about Joe Biden’s corruption. But you do not believe that Joe Biden did anything wrong? Are you unable to see the contradiction? Or is making up and spreading lies a good thing if it helps Trump?

        Besides, he “crimes” of Joe Biden are the supposed excuse for Trump’s criminal behavior and you defend him without hesitation, pause or second thought.

        Or, do you think it is okay for the President – without any evidence – to extort a criminal investigation against anybody he doesn’t like from foreign governments.

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      2. RE: “Are you unable to see the contradiction?”

        There’s no contradiction. To my knowledge, Solomon and Schweitzer have done nothing more than report on obvious conflicts of interest and relevant sidebar material that is otherwise useful to have on the record. I’m not inclined to see conspiracy theories in their reporting as you seem to be in seeing conspiracy theories in The New Yorker piece.


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