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  1. OK, first that is an editorial, not news.

    The editorial and the news media look at the Biden controversy through a different lens than does the general public. From the media view, Biden is innocent by the same standard as a court trial. proof beyond reasonable doubt. All doubts are resolved in Biden’s favor.

    But lets look at it as Joe Sixpack sees it.

    Biden’s son Hunter got a $50K/month job for doing nothing other than being Biden’s son.

    Then Vice President Biden bragged that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor(who he says was corrupt) fired, by threatening withholding aid, while his son had that job from Bursima Holdings and the prosecutor was investigating Bursima Holdings.

    Biden said he had no knowledge of his son, Hunter’s involvement with Bursima. Then a picture shows up of Biden, Hunter and the Bursima CEO playing golf, clearly showing Biden lied.

    That would not be proof of guilt in a court of law, but Joe Sixpack sees that Biden and his family are far wealthier than would be expected of someone who has never had a job in the private sector. Hunter in particular, having been discharged from the Navy for drug use, seems to just stumble into one windfall after another.

    Joe Sixpack has seen that before, at the local, State and Federal level, and it just does not pass the smell test.

    Biden may not be convicted, but he is toast in politics.

    I sure hope he gets the nomination.


    1. “OK, first that is an editorial, not news.” But it appeared in a NEWS paper, and according to John Roberts, that makes it news. Or did you miss that discussion yesterday.

      “Then Vice President Biden bragged that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor(who he says was corrupt) fired”…

      And again, all of Ukraine’s allies were calling for the prosecutor to be fired because he wasn’t investigating ANYTHING! Trumpists always seem to leave that part of the discussion out. The smoke is clearing form the screen Trump apologists keep trying to put up.

      And your claim of being knowledgeable about “Joe Sixpack” is laughable to me. You come off more as “Joseph Wine Cooler”.

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      1. Well, I guess we will see.

        But keep in mind that I spent 40 years treating middle class patients(by choice) and I talked politics and work with every one of them. I learned a lot from them.

        I did drink a wine cooler once, about 25 years ago, I don’t know what a wine spritzer is. For me it’s beer, bourbon and on a cold night, brandy.


        1. …”I talked politics and work with every one”…
          You were a dentist, so you talked AT them. Unless “Mumble” is a language skill taught at Dental school.

          …”beer, bourbon and on a cold night, brandy.” Craft beer, Double Eagle Very Rare bourbon , and Remy Martin Louis XIII. Not exactly the same life as a true “Joe Sixpack”, which would be Milwaukee’s Best, Hiram Walker’s Ten High and Christian Brothers.

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          1. It’s Miller Light, Jim Beam and whatever Napoleon version the ABC store has on sale.

            But I really enjoyed talking with my patients, and allowed time to do it. It would have been a huge waste to have all those people come through my office and not learn from them.


          2. Trust me, I have had a few beers on occasion with Don and he is Bud Lite all the way. I’m the beer snob.

            In my defense, the first beers I ever had at home were Swedish and warm. So I kind of got used to beer with a bit of a bitter taste and stronger flavor.


    2. “Biden’s son Hunter got a $50K/month job for doing nothing other than being Biden’s son.”

      But, but Ivanka, Jared, and DJ collect government checks too.

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    3. I don’t disagree. There is likely no crime in the Hunter case, but Democrats are foolish to think this won’t be a tremendous liability when they drag Biden to the finish line for the nomination.


    4. “look at it as Joe Sixpack sees it”

      I’ll need another 3 beers…

      Nothing you’ve opined has ANYTHING to do with the transgressions.

      Please read 52 USC 30121 and watch the latest violation 10 minutes ago of that US code.

      This POS has to go, and you have “lost” it…IMHO.

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      1. Well, the topic was the credibility of the accusations against Biden, which I believe are well understood by the voters as typical of the denizens of the swamp.

        They are used to the guilty going unpunished, but they don’t like it.

        I believe your interpretation of 52 USC 30121 is flawed and it does not cover a call for an investigation by a foreign government unless the results of the investigation are predetermined.


        1. “interpretation of 52 USC 30121 is flawed”

          Since it will ultimately be a matter of “interpretation” I won’t bother with legal arguments in support, as you could do the same, but the trump and the GOP better hope you are correct…

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        2. @Tabor
          The topic is NOT the credibility of accusations against Biden. That is a smokescreen put up by the lying liars of Trump world lead by the Liar-in-chief himself. There is ZERO credible evidence of any kind to support any charge of corruption against either Biden.

          The topic is the lawless criminality of Donald Trump and his insane attempts to cover his crimes by pushing nonsense conspiracy theories on our law enforcement agencies and other countries.

          It is worth noting that your response to this constitutional crisis has NOTHING to do with the underlying truth of the matter. That obviously does not work for you. So, the criteria becomes what can “Joe Sixpack” be made to believe. And you accuse progressives like former barmaid AOC of elitism!



          1. The USA Today article is specifically about the credibility of the accusations against Biden.

            And it is not about what “Joe SixPack” can be made to believe, it is about the lens through which he sees these events. That lens is formed by his life experience, seeing those with connections getting ahead when they don’t deserve it.

            Joe Sixpack is a lot smarter than you give him credit.


          2. The article is not about Joe Biden. It is about Trump. And his heinous behavior.

            As the headline and the precis makes clear . . .

            “Donald Trump’s baseless Joe Biden conspiracy fantasy should make Americans feel sick.”

            “Trump is proud of pressing a foreign government to investigate a nonsensical conspiracy theory about a political rival. That was corrupt on its face.”

            You can spin it every which way you want. Doesn’t change it.

            As for “Joe Sixpack.” Trump and the GOP are basing ALL their hopes on gas lighting their way to another victory as they did with “Crooked Hillary.” Not on achievements. Not on sound ideas. Not on competence. Not on integrity. Just throw mud at the opponents. And they have eager beavers like you to help them.


          3. Trump was certainly elected as the lesser evil rather than on his own merit. But he was by far the lesser evil, and has proven to be more than just the lesser evil. He has surprised me by being right, in his actions, at least half the time, where Hillary would have been wrong in every case.

            I can see the same thing happening this time as well. Trump will be the lesser crazy than whoever is last to get out of the Democrat Clown Car. It is a true accomplishment for them to have found 10 contenders all loonier by a wide margin than Trump.


    5. RE: “But lets look at it as Joe Sixpack sees it.”

      I think it’s even simpler than you describe. Joe Sixpack is likely to say, “So what if Trump asked the Ukranians for dirt on Biden; didn’t Democrats ask the Ukranians for dirt on Trump (and Manafort)?”


  2. Should we start a pool? Pick the week after New Year’s when you think Trump (after being saved by Moscow Mitch) gives his “I come to you with a heavy head” speech.

    My guess is that Non-prosecution Agreements for the Trump family are being drawn up in the DoJ as we speak, all to be sealed under a court order (a la Epstein) , and personnel lineups are being arranged to replace the WH staff. Trump will continue to tweet bomb Democrats but come Jan 1, he’s PINO RINO.

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      1. No. Absolutely not. He will pull an LBJ (“the heavy head” reference — LBJ used heart, but if Trump used that body part everyone would know its a lie) and decline to run for a second term, but will continue to sit in the Offal Office tweeting crap about the Democrats, as usual, and read everything else he says and does from a script provided to him by the RNC… he will be the Good Little Nazi and follow orders.

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    1. Here is the thing. If Trump leaves, then the Democrats have to re-energize the campaigns to convince voters that Pence is just as bad. Voters that were sick of Trump and would hold their noses to vote of a Democrat if, and only if, that Democrat tossed them a few bones.

      And those bones might be backing down on total Medicare for All, some gun control, perhaps abortion and gay rights, minimum wages, immigration, etc. Not all of them, but at least some reason to go liberal.

      I am starting to believe that the road to the White House is paved with Trump in office until 11/20.


      1. The GOP doesn’t want Pence. The Dems would rip him to pieces. The GOP will negotiate (the fart of the deal) for Trump to NOT run and for that he remains in office.


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