Guardian: The Americans who think a monarchy would solve their political problems

I’m fascinated by this report.

I have often shared my belief that many American secretly wish our president were a king. The secret wish isn’t always explicit, but it reveals itself from time to time in the way people talk about the president.

I don’t support the idea of reverting to a monarchy, but one can certainly appreciate the impulse. One of the main benefits of government is its role in coordinating the resources and exertions of a complex society. One of the main defects of government is its tendency to create and expand society’s inefficiency. A king, if a wise one were on offer, could solve that problem.

Still, America’s experiment in liberty has not yet run its course. The Bill of Rights is still operative. I’ll stick with that.

7 thoughts on “Guardian: The Americans who think a monarchy would solve their political problems

  1. The problem we have now is that the president already has too much power. Imagine if we had a king that would be much harder to replace.

    If Congress did what it is supposed to do, we would be much better off.

    That means answering to the constituents, not just the money.

    Of course the fact that it takes huge sums to campaign is what creates that monster.

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    1. I blame the SCOTUS and the Citizens United decision that made “dark” money so powerful.

      Reverse it and use crowd sourcing via the internet to return the power to the people.

      At least that would be a good start.

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