Pilot Letter: Go back to basics


“I often point out that K-12 education is intellectually fascinating, much more than people think. The field is bloated with weird sophistries and disingenuous claims. Most teachers don’t know when they are hurting their own students. Parents understand almost nothing.”

Mr. Price’s observation explains a lot about the problems in our public schools. Specifically, it describes an advanced state of decay in which those with specialized knowledge operate without principled guidance and those subject to their actions lack knowledge. Truly a blind-leading-the-blind situation.

We see a similar pattern in health care where, no doubt, everyone involved tries to do the right thing, but the network of contracted relationships doesn’t include the one contract which matters most, that between the doctor and the patient. Here, the missing contract is the one between the teacher and the student.

The correlation is striking in another respect. Both public education and our health care system are based on the same financing model: Gather money from the many to pay for the needs of the few.

It is not just that government operates the system, it is that the system itself has a design flaw which produces the outcomes we see.

8 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Go back to basics

  1. Not to pop your cork, but the letter writer NEVER mentions public education. It’s about K-12 in general.

    But, wait, the author says, “John Dewey set out a hundred years ago to create a new kind of student as a way of creating a new kind of country. He succeeded much too well. To save the country, we must refocus on academic achievement.”

    Uh, unless the author is 118 years old, then he is a product of such, and if it is sooooo bad then how would he know?

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    1. RE: “the letter writer NEVER mentions public education.”

      That’s fine. It doesn’t change my interest in the letter in any way.


  2. Constructivist theory (in a nutshell) is the idea that all learners have unique experiences, knowledge, and worldviews. The writer argues against this premise because he opposes “social engineering.” If constructivist pedagogy is ascendant in classrooms across America, as the writer suggests, how are educators also doing social engineering?

    “The problem is that progressive educators are not focused on academic achievement . . .”

    This is laughable. Academic achievement is about the only thing school systems care about.

    I’m curious where the letter writer is getting his information.

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    1. RE: “I’m curious where the letter writer is getting his information.”

      I couldn’t say. I do know, however, that Mr. Price is a local author who specializes in writing about education reform. Your can probably find out more with a search on his name.


      1. If he’s who I think then he has NO formal education in education, was born to wealth, failed at the family business, and learned everything he knows of education from the Internet.

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      2. RE: “If he’s who I think then…”

        How does any of that matter?

        In his LTE, Mr. Price doesn’t say anything that 10,000 other writers on education reform haven’t said. My take is that his statements, including the one I singled out for comment, are fair game at face value. I see no value in deciding which ideas are worth discussing based on who says them, if that’s what you’re getting at.


    2. The author of this V-P LTE is a self-styled education expert who has distinguished himself in the former V-P forums with his frequent repetition of every brain-dead conspiracy theory out there so long as it put Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in a bad light. His strong support for Trump’s racist birther nonsense is one of the less idiotic positions he has publicly supported.

      A babbling brook has more of value to say on any subject. Don’t waste your time.

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