9 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: The Coup Has Begun – The Empire Strikes Back Everywhere

    1. Good question; maybe Gerson put it best in his column:

      “In the scarier regions of the Trump right, the problem is far advanced. Every revelation of the president’s abuse of power is met with a sentence beginning: “But Biden … .” Their tolerance for corruption seems limitless — and frightening”

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  1. To my Conservative friends,

    You need a dark horse something fierce. There is still time to pivot from Trump. The election is more than a year away, and there is no reason to stick with damaged goods and the illegal, low intellectual behavior of your current choice for 2020.

    Oh wait, hasn’t the GOP already taken that opportunity from you by canceling primaries and caucuses in too many states?

    Oh well, it’s MRSA — yep, it’s a social disease — Making Republicans Stupid Again.

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    1. As a Conservative, I’m afraid I couldn’t take your “dark horse” advice, even if there were Primaries.

      There is no possible way on this kinda green earth that I would support ANY candidate that this pitiful and corrupt version of the GOP would put up.

      But I like the MRSA comment.


      1. I dare say you’re not. Moderate at worst, but not Conservative; conservative possibly, in that even drunk you would not dance on a table or vote for Trump.


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