Climate Propaganda from the Pilot Again

Between moving goal posts and outright lies, the Climate Propaganda Machine is hard at work. First, note that the goalpost is now 2C above “pre-industrial levels” which in the IPCC 1st Assessment was 1940, was moved to 1880 in the 5th Assessment and now the Pilot reports as 1850. 1850 was well within the latter stages of the Little Ice Age. A simple return to normal would account for well over the 1.5C , 1C of which has already happened, without any CO2 effect at all.

The Pilot criticizes the US and praises India and other nations because the US has withdrawn form the Paris Accords. Yet the US per capita CO2 emissions in 2007 and have declined steadily, while other nations per capita rates have continue to climb. Total US CO2 emissions have declined as well, offset slightly by population growth.

Anyone who believes that the Governor announcing new renewable energy mandates and Dominion announcing plans for a huge offshore wind farm, which is financially not viable without the mandates, is coincidental is a fool.

In any case, the IPCC scenarios that lead to dangerous warming(though in reality even those don’t) are all based on explosive population growth and coal based industrial development in the third world, particularly in Africa. What the US does going forward is nearly irrelevant.

A closer look at scenario RCP8.5

Even so, the models the outcome is based on exaggerate the effect of CO2 by a factor of 2 to 3 times it’s observed rate.









The Pilot


5 thoughts on “Climate Propaganda from the Pilot Again

  1. What would you do without RCP8.5? LOL!

    For someone constantly spouting science denying propaganda and cherry-picked analyses you are awfully quick to call other people “fools.”

    But, hey, let’s agree on something – CO2 is not the only form of environmental degradation being perpetrated by the “free markets.” There are others, maybe even more important, such as destruction of the oceans’s algae and plankton, or the rapid destruction of tropical rain forests.

    The bottom line is that the human species needs to clean-up its act.

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    1. How is it even possible to be anti-climate? That’s like being anti-tide or anti-rain. They happen whether you are for or against.

      What I am anti is policy based on a distorted view of climate and our ability to affect it.

      If I am in error in my assessment, please to tell me where, just as I pointed out where the Pilot is wrong.


      1. Left out “Change”

        You talk about moving goal posts without taking into account advances in science. Newer techniques, updated facts based on updated readings, and advances in simulation software are all things you don’t take into account in your denials. You see distortions, many others see improved techniques in determining the effects of what has been done in the past and improved science to come up with answers to the questions posed.

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