3 thoughts on “Pilot Editorial Cartoon: A Mueller lite hangover

  1. To wit: Because we have not yet seen the Mueller report itself, we cannot assume the AG’s statement of principle conclusions has merit.

    This is hogwash. The Barr letter and the Mueller report are two parts of the same whole. To pretend otherwise is either ignorant or dishonest, and it doesn’t matter much which.

    To be fair, it is true that Barr’s assertions may find little or no substantiation in the body of the Mueller report, but the probability of such a thing is almost zero. More importantly, the AG’s assertions are definitive, regardless of any substantiations we haven’t yet seen.

    In other words, the choice at present lies between an improbability and an irrelevancy.

    This is not to say that Barr’s letter must be true. It is, rather, to say that it is irrational to assume the letter may be false.

    I mention this in order to emphasize that irrational assumptions are a main characteristic of fake news. To the extent they waste our time in public discussion, they are indeed the enemy of the people.


    1. If Barr’s letter substantially misrepresented Mueller’s report, Mueller or one of the dozens of Democrat activist lawyers on his staff would certainly let us know through the press.


      1. Makes sense to me. In fact, leaks might be the reason we began hearing rumors that Mueller’s report would be exculpatory a couple of months ago.


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