8 thoughts on “Washington Examiner: Devin Nunes predicts criminal referral delivery next week

  1. Personally, I believe various high government officials and political leaders committed treason in RussiaGate, but I expect our deep state will not allow indictments for treason to be brought. I’m not sure I would even want that.

    But it doesn’t sound like the Nunes’ referrals will rise to such a level. The scope appears to be limited to “people who lied to Congress, perjury, criminal conspiracy.”

    Still, as a first move toward necessary accountability, Nunes’ referrals are welcome and will likely prove incendiary.


  2. Mr. Nunes has proved himself to be a lackey and a joke. This talk of “referrals” is part of the smoke screen Trumpistas are throwing up now that the real, wide-ranging and public inquiries into the Trump crime family are getting traction.

    If you and people like you actually were the patriots you pretend to be you would be outraged that Trump is accusing public servants of treason for faithfully doing their jobs and trying to keep foreign powers from deciding our elections. Of course, you are not only not outraged, you actually believe the palpable nonsense and cluelessly fall for the huckster’s outrageous lies yet again. Really and truly pitiful.


      1. Want to see a statement that marks a person as a complete and clueless fool? Try this one . . .

        “I believe various high government officials and political leaders committed treason in RussiaGate”

        And that is putting it mildly.


      1. Wiley Coyote? I am sure there is meaning there maybe even some sort of insult but I will be darned if I can discern it. Maybe you would make the same jab at this fellow . . .

        If you REALLY believe that the Barr whitewash of the Mueller report is the end of “RussiaGate” then you are not actually paying attention. Trump and his running dogs claim that it offers “complete exoneration” and yet are doing everything in their power to keep the facts it contains from the public. You really don’t see the obvious logical problem with that?


        1. If you don’t get a Wiley Coyote reference, you have truly misspent your life.

          Wiley Coyote has made hundreds of increasingly complex attempts to ‘get’ the Roadrunner, but in every case, he only injures himself,

          As you Democrats continue your efforts to find the ‘magic bullet’ that will take out Trump, you approach the point of self destruction.

          What makes it fun is that I can warn you of you self destruction and you will just double down on it.

          Perhaps you can contact the Acme company and order a fresh conspiracy theory kit.


        2. Many are not aware of this, but thanks to the intrepid Qanon diggers we now have video proof that Adam Schiff appeared on the Johnny Carson show back in the day…


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