One thought on “AT: K–12: Fake, like Adulterated Milk

  1. Many years ago I was a volunteer with an adult literacy program. It was a matter of daily wonderment to everyone in the program that our public schools simply failed to teach reading. And, like Mr. Price, we diagnosed the failure to be caused by the teaching methods commonly used. In our experience, anything which deviated from phonics-based reading instruction always failed.

    It may seem a greater wonderment that our public schools persist, year after year, in using ineffective methods. But in truth, it is easy to understand why. Government-run anything is never as good as it could be. Worse, it is always almost impossible to reform.

    Mr. Price advocates for public awareness of issues in education. My inclinations are more radical: Terminate our public school system in its entirety. Until alternatives have an opportunity to become established, just give the public funding to the parents to spend as they will on private schooling.


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