The Hill: Wisconsin governor’s proposal would give IDs to undocumented immigrants

“We’re announcing tonight that undocumented folks will be eligible to receive driver’s licenses and ID cards. This makes our roads and our communities safer, and helps strengthen our economy and Wisconsin families.”

4 thoughts on “The Hill: Wisconsin governor’s proposal would give IDs to undocumented immigrants

  1. I take it the Wisconsin governor subscribes to a counter-intuitive argument: That failing to grant driver’s licenses to illegals means they will drive on our roads without proper training.

    That seems true to me as far as it goes. On the other hand, there’s the intuitive counterpoint: If there are enough illegals driving on our roads without training to make them unsafe, then driver’s licensing is not the problem.

    The Wisconsin Governor’s secret name must be Orwell.

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      1. I’ll bet he was elected by illegals who voted. In any case, his “sensible approach” is counter-intuitive, as noted. Hence Orwellian.


        1. Hopefully your comment about “illegals who voted” was meant as a bit of self-deprecating humor and you were not actually serious?

          Your use of “Orwell” with reference to what you find counter-intuitive is a little odd.

          From . . .

          “George Orwell is best known for his 1949 dystopian novel “1984,” with its themes of social injustice and a controlling, authoritarian government. The word Orwellian is most often used to talk about real-life situations that are reminiscent of this kind of state control and surveillance, called “Big Brother” in the book. Any hint that our government is watching or listening to us as we make phone calls or do Internet searches feels at least a little bit Orwellian.”


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